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Reaching new customers online can be hard. I’ve been there. Just when you think no one needs your product (or service), it’s easy to give up. But don’t!

Out of the more than 2.05 billion people expected to shop online in 2020, there are more than enough to go around for you. The problem is not if your customers hang out online, it’s how and (where) to reach them.

If you are disappointed in the amount of traffic that your website is receiving, take some time to examine your site and make some changes. While you may have done your best to create a business website that is evergreen, it still may need updating regularly.

Seven of the Best Ways to Reach Customers Online

You can only pay so much to promote your business. But the truth is, you don’t have to pay to reach every customer these days.

Consider these other factors so that your online business reaches more customers.

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1. Optimize Your Website for Keywords

One of the most important SEO optimizations you can make is to include keywords on your site. This helps Google and other search engines understand who to send to your website. For example, if you want to attract fishermen to your fishing store, then you’ll need to use the specific keywords that they are searching for online.

The first step to using the right keywords is to learn how to do keyword research. It’s important to follow a strategy that teaches you how to find keywords that your site can actually rank for. If you use generic words that big brands already rank for, you’ll struggle to get free traffic to your website.

Follow the strategy I teach in my eBook, Get Your Keywords Together. With a little work and critical thinking skills, you’ll be able to find keywords that your website can rank for.

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2. Optimize Your Website for Speed

According to Podium, you should design your website to function just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a computer browser. You need to take a look at several different factors to make sure that happens.

Another important optimization you can make is to ensure your website loads fast. Here are some things you can do to immediately boost your site’s loading speed:

  • Compress your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files so that they are under 150 bytes.
  • Get rid of redirects.
  • Set your browser cache to expire in one year (unless you change your site frequently).
  • Optimize your images so that they will load quickly.
  • Look at your web hosting to make sure that it is providing fast service.

Recommendation: Siteground offers affordable and fast hosting services. Plus, you may be eligible for a free site transfer to their service.

3. Use Social Media

You need to reach your customers where they spend their online time, and that is on social media for many people. Find out which platforms your customers are using, and make your presence known there.

In many cases, if you are selling to businesses, LinkedIn can be the perfect solution. If you are in a visual industry, Pinterest and Instagram may be the answers. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, so that is a great place to get started in using social media for virtually any business.

After you choose a social media platform (or two), think about what time of day your customers are looking for your products. If you sell to businesses, then you may find that during the workweek provides the best results. If you are aiming to attract consumers, evenings and weekends are often the best time to post.

4. Employ QR Codes

One of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your business online is to set up QR codes. You can use them in a variety of ways to get more people to interact with your company online.

When you put your QR codes where customers will see them, then you can easily direct them to a dedicated landing page or your company’s social media page.

QR codes can be used to get people to opt in to your email campaigns. You can also use them to get customers to download your company’s apps. It is also incredibly simple to use these codes to offer customers discounts when they shop on your website.

5. Use Geofence Marketing

If you are interested in getting more customers to your site from a hyperlocal location, geofencing may be the answer. With geofencing, you define a specific area using GPS or radiofrequency.

When someone enters a specific area, you send them a short text message. For example, if you run a hotel that is located in an area with other hotels, you might set up a boundary so that when potential customers enter or leave a competitor’s hotel, they receive a special message for your hotel. You give them a special landing page that offers them a special rate if they stay with you.

6. Use SMS Messaging

Since most of your clients are probably tied to their smartphones, Techjury recommends text message marketing. You can use up to 160 characters to direct receivers to a dedicated landing page where you give them more information connected to the offer that you just sent them.

Since people tend to read their text messages very quickly, you can instantly connect with your targeted audience. The most effective campaigns allow customers to opt in or out of your company’s messages. Make sure that your words are adding value to your customers’ lives.

7. Email Marketing

According to Send Grid, when done well, email marketing is still highly effective. Consider building a subscription list by providing a small gift on your website to get people to give you enough of their personal data to get them subscribed to your email list.

Another simple way to build an email list is to create interactive quizzes that solve your customers’ problems. You can use a reliable company like Interact to build quizzes that integrate with your mailing list provider.

Consider personalizing content for customers who fall into different groups. For example, if you are a recreation company, you may want to create separate emails for hikers, water enthusiasts, campers and organized-sports enthusiasts. Then, provide them with content that they will want to read in every email.

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Proactive Outreach Can Help You Get More Customers Online

You can get more customers to interact with your company in many different ways. Combining a variety of different techniques usually works best. You will need, however, to know your target audience’s behaviors to understand which ones will work best in your niche market.

It is usually best to use specific landing pages for different techniques so that you can collect data, allowing you to discover which ones are most effective for your business. Asking customers a minimum number of questions once they reach a landing page will enable you to capture data that is useful in your other marketing efforts.

Reach More Customers

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