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Yes, you read that right; FEET pictures! You can actually make money selling feet pictures. It is definitely a weird side hustle, possibly even the weirdest one I have heard about. However, it really isn’t that uncommon.

You would be surprised to know how many people send pictures for money. If you think about it, you see various feet pictures each day whether they are on the TV, billboards, or random ads that come across your phone. Feet sell things like shoes, pedicures, massages, products, etc.

Clearly there is a need for them. Foot pictures are in demand for many large companies. Let’s see how to sell feet pictures based on how others are finding their success.

10 Ways to Sell Feet Pics Without Being Icky

Selling feet pictures is not as difficult as it might sound. It is weird, yes, and maybe even a little icky. But if you find the right way to sell them, you can make quite a bit of money doing for doing almost nothing without being icky.

1. Become a Foot Model for a Shoe Company

The most obvious way to sell feet pictures is to become a model for a shoe company. Every year, companies like Nike, Vans, Dolce & Gabbana, etc., come out with a new design or new type of shoe. They need people to model these shoes for them to show the customer how great the shoe would look on them.

The feet pictures can be used for marketing purposes or as billboards in and out of the stores. Many are even posted on the company’s online store. There are several ways to sell feet pictures by becoming a foot model.

2. Sell Feet Stock Photography

Selling stock photography images is a great way to explore your photography skills. If you’re not sure how to sell feet pictures, you can easily take a day trip to the beach and put your feet in the sand for a picture perfect opportunity.

Additionally, you can take pictures of friends or family with their feet in the ocean. They could also be just sitting in nature with their feet in the air enjoying the day. All of these types of pictures will sell on sites like Shutterstock and Foap.

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3. Work With Pedicure Artists

Visit local mani/pedi offices and offer to take professional photos using their products and services. These pictures can be used to display the types of services they offer in their office. They can also be used for that office’s website to entice customers to visit them.

You can also take your own and send pictures for money to other spas around the world. Many massage offices offer foot massages with a pedicure. You can sell those images to them for their professional use.

4. Start a Shoe Blog

Starting a shoe blog is just as easy as starting a fashion blog; you take pictures of yourself wearing the product and post them to your blog. In this case, you would take pictures of yourself wearing sandals, heels, active shoes, boots, etc.

With your blog, you would write a review of sorts telling your audience why you like the particular shoe. Go into detail about the shoe and the company that made it. This will give your readers a stronger connection to the shoe and the company, leading to more sales.

You can actually make money as an affiliate for different shoe companies (or retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.). With affiliate marketing, you are recommending products to your audience to buy. When they buy those products using your links or codes, you get paid a commission.

Essentially, you’re not directly selling pictures of your feet. However, you are still making money from the pictures you’ve taken wearing something on your feet! Simply find some shoes at a local store, take pictures of them on your feet, and then find those same shoes online to recommend to your audience.

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5. Become a Foot Influencer on Instagram

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is a great way to make money online. If you think of all the ways you can advertise your feet, it’s fairly simple to learn how to sell feet pics on Instagram.

On Instagram, many users look for product recommendations through influencers. When they use your code to purchase these products, you get a cut of the deal as well.

As an Instagram foot influencer, you can get paid for your foot pictures by testing products, recommending shoes, socks, slippers, and more. If you plan out your social media calendar just right, you can sell your feet pics by the season: cozy slippers and boots for winter, toenail polish, and decorative designs for spring, wedge heels and beauty products for summer, and comfy socks for fall.

6. Become a Brand Ambassador

Connect with companies directly to find opportunities to become a brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, you help sell the company’s shoes, socks, slippers, etc. You can take pictures of your feet and use them to increase your sales for the company.

Brand ambassadors get paid a set percentage of a commission for each sale that is made using their special link, essentially getting paid to sell feet pictures. They also receive discounts on the products.

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7. Become a Foot Product Tester

There are several types of foot products sold in stores and online to beautify your feet. Many of these products have very few reviews which makes it challenging for the products to sell.

Customers typically want to read reviews of products before purchasing them. Therefore, you can reach out to companies directly and offer to test their product to which you will provide progress pictures of your feet. In return, you can request payment for this.

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8. White Label Your Own Line of Flip Flops

To white label a product means that a product from a company is rebranded with your own brand. The “white label” is filled with your logo and brand information.

To white label flip flops, you can work with a company to design the flip flops with your own creation and then sell those flip flops under your own brand. After the flips flops are complete, start taking pictures of yourself wearing them to market and sell your product. Make those feet pictures work for you and your brand to bring you an income.

White label products can be sold easily using Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. In no time at all your feet pictures will be making you some extra money.

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9. Sell Pictures of Baby Feet

Many daycare centers and developmental specialists use baby feet images to show the proper development of baby feet. That first year of a child’s life is the fastest they will ever grow. Professionals use pictures to show in appointments and online how to spot a properly developing baby.

The feet pictures you sell can be of developmentally appropriate feet or malformations of the feet. Both types of foot pictures will be beneficial for parents to learn what is normal or not normal about their baby’s feet.

10. Partner with Medical Professionals

Partner with local medical professionals such as physical therapists or podiatrists. Offer to take professional pictures of their techniques at work on feet. Utilize these pictures to show a series of progress pictures for patients to notice how the techniques or products are working.

You can also make money by taking your own pictures using the techniques on yourself or a family member and sell feet pictures to other medical professionals online.

6 Places to Sell Feet Pictures

woman's feet in sand

It’s not a secret; there are people who will buy feet pics to satisfy their fetish for feet. I’m sure you’ve heard of people having a foot fetish and there is money to be made there. While I would not do this myself, I can show you how to find platforms where you can sell photos of your feet for this purpose and others.


Esty is an online marketplace where you can shop for unique gifts, arts, and crafts. On Etsy, people try to sell feet pictures there as well. It is actually a hot item to buy on the Esty shops. Set up your own Esty shop for free and display your pictures.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and shops. You can create your own store with a subscription to Shopify. There, you will have access to your own website with a store to sell feet pics.

With Shopify, your sales are based on your marketing strategy. Ensure your feet pictures are marketed to the right audience.

Social Media

To protect your identity, start an anonymous social media account. Since you will be advertising and selling foot pictures, there’s no need to release your identity. Let the people with the feet fetish enjoy the feet pictures without knowing who they belong to!

Stock Photography Sites

Sites like iStock and Dreamstime pay you to collect your pictures of feet. Make an account on stock photography sites to upload your pictures on a regular basis to make money.


I didn’t think I could be surprised anymore, but here we are! Yes, people actually pay for feet pics off of eBay. As you probably know, eBay is like an online auction so the highest bidder within the time frame allowed on products is awarded the prize. People can make some serious money selling pictures of feet on eBay.


Craigslist is always full of surprises and weird stuff for sale. Feet pictures are no exception! However, be careful when using this platform. I highly recommend if you use this site to sell your feet pics, use PayPal to accept payments, and then send the photos digitally.

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Tips to Sell Feet Pictures Online

woman's feet in rear view mirror

Selling feet pictures seems like a quick and easy way to make money. In order to be successful and protect yourself, here are some tips for you to follow.

Hide Your Identity for Safety

You might think taking foot pictures is a pretty innocent gig. However, there are strange people out there. It’s important that you are safe with your pictures and stay anonymous.

Perfect Your Photography

Your feet don’t need to be perfect in order to make money selling feet pictures, but your photography should be clear. Whether you’re selling a product or just stock images, people are looking for precision and quality.

This May Seem SO Weird, But Selling Feet Pics is a Thing

If you’re reading this thinking how weird it must be to sell foot pictures, I’m right there with you. While it is not something I would do personally, I can’t deny that there is a market for it and there are people who basically get free money to send pictures for money.

From stock photos to medical pictures to product testing, feet pictures take on various forms. You might even consider taking pictures of your pets’ feet and selling them to veterinary clinics or pet stores. Who says foot pictures have to be weird? Have a little fun with it while making some money!

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