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Knowing how to guest post is a crucial part of having your submission accepted by a popular blog like Scary Mommy. When creating a quality guest post, there are seven important steps to take that apply to all guest blogging opportunities.

After researching open guest blog opportunities, choosing a topic, writing, editing and submitting a quality guest post to Scary Mommy all within one hour, I am excited to share the seven steps that will teach you how to get your guest post published on any popular blog.

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Guest Blogging Tips

How to Guest Post

Guest Blog for Scary Mommy

How to Guest Blog

When researching how to find guest blogging opportunities, it is important to first consider your target audience. Do you write content that appeals to stay-at-home mothers or travel gurus?

There is a variety of audiences to consider when searching websites that accept guest posts. Be absolutely sure that your audience coincides with theirs so that you are accustomed to writing for this audience and you attract potential readers who will enjoy your content.

For the purpose of this instructional piece, let’s use the example of guest posting for Scary Mommy. When you’ve selected two to five blogs that you can potentially guest post for, you can then review each website’s specifications on how to guest post for them specifically.

Each website has different rules and requests for those who submit guest blog pitches, so it is important to follow their instructions when it comes to the final submission. Some blogs will require you to submit a finalized piece, while others require a subject pitch only.

Keep in mind that guest blogs should be created for popular blogs with high domain authority, great Google placement and/or number of social media followers.

If you are looking for simple backlinks by guest blogging on any and every blog that will accept your piece, consider this one task you can do daily to build your backlinks fast.

Now let me answer the popular question: how to guest post on blogs? Guest blogging should be approached this same way no matter what blog you have chosen to submit a guest post to.

How to Guest Post in 7 Easy Steps

After you have chosen two to five popular blogs who are accepting blog posts and who target your specific audience, you will want to take these seven steps:

Step 1: Research the DA (domain authority) of the sites

Research the DA for each blog you found that is accepting guest posts that (at least loosely) targets the same audience that you target.

It didn’t take me long to choose Scary Mommy since I have had them on my radar for a while now.

Scary Mommy’s DA is 70 out of 100 (which is great), and although many websites will pay writers for a guest post, I purposely submitted my free work to them in exchange for a valuable backlink to my website.

Step 2: Read through recent contributions on the blog you choose

Reading through recent and/or featured blog posts on the website you choose to guest post for is imperative to submitting an acceptable, quality blog post that will work for their audience. It’s important to note the style of writing, voice, tone, and length of their popular posts.

This is not to say that you should ditch your own writing style and voice completely, but if you are choosing a blog that is known for certain elements in their writing voice, then you better believe they’ll be more likely to accept submissions that follow this rule of thumb.

Step 3: Look through their featured categories and choose a unique spin-off topic

At this point, you’ve committed to your blog of choice, to your audience, and to your writing style. Now it’s time to brainstorm the perfect topic. Maybe your topic will come to you as you run through these steps top to bottom, or maybe it will come to you at 3 a.m. one morning.

It’s mainly important that you jot down your ideas no matter the time of day so that you can sit down and hash out a killer outline in minutes.

It just so happens that my son is nearing the stage of potty training so this topic was the winner for my Scary Mommy guest post.

Can I also point out the obvious? When choosing a topic, it has to be relatable. Think about your audience and ask yourself if they too are in your shoes (or have been at one time or another).

Step 4: Write. Write. Write.

For a solid 20 to 30 minutes (depending on length requirements), sit down in a quiet area and write. If you’re anything like me, you probably get caught up in the dreaming and planning stages and don’t get right down to writing it all out.

Writing out your guest blog post in rough draft form allows your story to flow. If you spend too much time correcting and perfecting as you go, you’re not allowing your brain to tell the story straight through without adding unnatural breaks.

Step 5: Relax. Research. Replace.

Relax, your guest blog may currently look like word vomit on paper, but don’t toss it out just yet! This is the perfect time to go back to the website that you’ve chosen to guest blog for and review their requirements and innuendos one more time.

If you’re going to guest post for Scary Mommy, you better write at least 80% sarcasm or it’s just not going to fly with their target audience.

Replace boring lines with fitting comments, whether they are witty, satirical (for Scary Mommy) or business-like (for the professional guest blog submissions).

Step 6: Edit

After you’ve ensured that your post holds just the right amount of personality, you’re now ready to edit. At this point, you have your rough draft in place but it needs some work.

Don’t be afraid to dig right in and perfect your guest blog post.

One thing to be careful of is to not edit so much out that your original story is unrecognizable. Keep your story in place but fix your grammar and voice as needed.

Step 7: Review submission terms and submit

Before submitting your completely original blog as a guest post, make sure to read and accept the website’s terms. Most blogs will give some kind of time frame for when to expect a response.

For Scary Mommy, if you don’t hear back from them within a week, they encourage you to submit your guest post to another website.

It’s okay to get nervous and check your guest post just one more time before submitting for review. It’s understandable that you want it to be perfect.

But you know your writing abilities. If you have faith in your talents and relax, time will feel like it’s passing much quicker than if you stress about what you could have done better.

Most importantly, make sure to submit your work to the blog of your choice. Don’t get cold feet and give up before giving yourself a chance!

Learning how to guest blog on a popular website like Scary Mommy can be daunting, but it’s important that you take the plunge and do it. If you don’t, you will never know what you’re giving up.

Many blogs that accept submissions will pay for your work. That is also a great incentive to give you the final push you need to submit your post.

Now you know how to guest blog. Start from step one and get going! You never know when a story of yours will score you a valuable backlink on a popular website, exposure to new readers, and a killer addition to your portfolio.

Are you looking to guest blog but don’t have your own blog yet? Make sure to check out my tutorial detailing the six steps to starting your own blog. It’s simple to get started, it’s rewarding, and in time, it could provide a part time or full-time income from home.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

When considering your options to expand your audience and grow your own blog, guest blogging is one way to accomplish these goals.

Guest blogging introduces you to new readers

By guest blogging on a popular website, you’re putting your name, blog URL and writing style out there for all to see. Depending on how often you guest blog on other websites, you can continually reach new readers as you grow your own blog.

Guest blogging provides a valuable backlink to your blog

Most guest blogging opportunities will allow you to submit a brief description of you and your blog and will embed a backlink to your website for both readers and Google to see. In time, Google uses these backlinks to decide where your articles will surface in search results.

I hope that I have stressed enough the importance of guest blogging for popular websites. If you are spending time submitting your hard work to bloggers that have very few monthly visitors, then you are not benefiting your own blog.

You can build your backlinks every day much quicker than guest blogging with a much simpler method.

Guest blogging makes you money on the side

If you’re within the first year of your blogging experience, you may find that your efforts are more than your income. This is often the case because there is much to learn when building a blog and growing your audience.

Many websites will pay for quality guest blogs which allows you to be rewarded for your efforts and still make money while doing what you love.

Do you have dreams to guest post on a specific website? Let me know what’s holding you back! I would love to encourage you to go forward and submit a guest blog to the website of your choice.

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