How to Get More Robocalls (and Texts) to Your Cellphone

You’ve probably already learned how to make money from robocalls–but in order to do so, you need to get more robocalls.

Why doesn’t anyone teach you how to get more robocalls? Because it’s illegal to try to bait companies into calling you so that you can demand money from them. If you’re here to trick companies into something they wouldn’t normally do, then stop right here.

If you’re genuinely curious why some phone numbers get tons of robocalls and others don’t, then you can check out this list (for informational purposes only).

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8 Ways to Get More Robocalls and Texts to Your Phone

I don’t recommend doing these things just to get more robocalls since it may exploit your phone number to scammers. Take caution when sharing your number in public places.

1. Post Your Number on Public Forums

The easiest way to get robocalls to call you is to publish your phone number on forums that discuss selling property, buying a new car, using CBD oil, or using other popular products and services. There are countless lead generators and automated tools that scrape data like phone numbers.

The data is then sold to companies as a “hot lead” and often added to robodiallers in hopes of selling you a product or service. Many of the companies that buy these leads are unaware that they do not come with the legal permissions robocall or text. And some just don’t care how the leads were obtained.

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2. List Your Phone Number on Public Directories

If your phone number is one of the few that is still unlisted, it will be hard for robocallers to find you. You can list your phone number by signing up with It’s a free way to add your phone number to the 411 directory service. Many websites scrape the phone numbers, and within a short time, your phone number can be found on multiple websites.

3. Let a Bill Go Into Collections

I don’t recommend you allow your bills to go into collections, but if they do, your phone can end up on a list that gets mercilessly called from an automated dialer. A professional collection agency will always request permission to place your number on the robocall list, but on occasion, you’ll get called from agencies that don’t follow the laws.

4. Provide Your Number Directly to Sales Companies

If you do this for the sole purpose of receiving illegal calls so that you can send a robocall demand letter, you could get hit with baiting which is illegal. But to answer the question of “how to get more robocalls,” this will surely do it: freely give your phone number to companies that DON’T request the proper permissions to robocall or send text messages to your phone.

Many companies think it’s legal to robodial or text just any number that a customer provides–but that’s only true if they have the proper disclaimers visibly posted on the collection form. If you check a box next to a statement that asks your permission to robocall and text your phone, then it’s perfectly legal for the company to contact you that way.

5. Buy a New (or Used) Car

Warranty sellers are notorious for placing cell numbers on a list the gets automatically dialed. While the company might sell legitimate warranties, it’s still illegal to robodial cellphones. Your phone number tends to circulate with these companies soon after buying a new or used car.

6. List Your Property for Sale

I get an unwarranted number of automated texts regarding a property that I don’t even own. A woman that owned my phone number many years ago listed her property for sale and I started receiving cash offers from investment companies. These robocalls and texts can be relentless.

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7. Make Your Number Public on Social Media

Another way to get more robocalls is to share your phone number on your social media accounts. This is another easy way for lead generators to scout for your interests and sell your phone number to relevant companies. Just be aware that sharing your phone number publicly can open you up to scams of all sorts.

8. Go Ahead and Press 1 to Remove Your Number

Do you occasionally receive calls from recordings that immediately ask you to “press 1 to remove your number from our list”? Pressing 1 probably won’t remove you from the list. In fact, it’ll probably just let the system know that you are a real person. Your number could end up being sold to companies and added to automatic dialer lists.

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Baiting Robocallers is Illegal–Don’t Do It

Since you’re here to learn how to get more robocalls, I’ve shared ways to do just that. But that doesn’t mean I am recommending you do them for the sole purpose of making quick money in a day by suing telemarketers!

Instead, use these methods to educate yourself and learn the difference between acting as a normal consumer who gets caught in the crossfire of robodialers and turning into a robocall bounty hunter. Let’s just say that the latter behavior could land you in some hot water.

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