Guest Post for The Pay At Home Parent!

Hi, I’m Trinity Owen, the creator here at The Pay At Home Parent. I’d love to share with you the purpose of this blog and guidelines for guest posting.

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Guest Blogging Guidelines

The purpose of The Pay at Home Parent is first and foremost to educate readers on home business topics. Many home business owners fly under the radars for years and have not yet learned how to grow a sustaining income. Others simply fail because they cannot find clients or grow an income base at all.

Guest posts on The Pay at Home Parent reflect real strategies, tips, failures or victories that you have experienced. Sharing your personal story is acceptable to the extent that readers can apply your situation to their personal struggles and victories.

Do you have a topic to share that will help aspiring home business owners/freelancers to press on? Share your pitch and get featured on The Pay at Home Parent!

Guest Post Requirements

    • Reader focused writing (not simply a personal story/monologue – always answer “What’s in it for me?”)
    • Active voice (save passive voice for statements that actually happened in the past)
    • Good grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Proper outline (introduction, body and conclusion)
    • Home business theme oriented (pick a single topic to cover)
    • Loose SEO practices applied (piece will be edited to fit the site and to take advantage of organic traffic)
    • Minimum of 1,000 words
    • 1-2 tasteful followed backlinks to your supporting content (example: about page, related freebie or lead capture page, supporting topic blog post, etc.). Additional links are acceptable for long-form content (1,500+ words).