25 Best Gifts for Busy Working Moms (She NEEDS #3)

gifts for working moms

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As a working mom, there have been countless times when I’ve wished for better organizational skills, a comfy yet tasteful sense of fashion, and more quality time to myself and with my family.

Sometimes I wish I could whisk away the messes, the stresses, and the sheer idea of time with a swift flick of my wrist. Alas, real life doesn’t quite work that way.

The best working mom gifts are those that make life just a little bit easier.

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25 Hand Chosen Gifts for Working Moms

When shopping for an ideal gift for a working mom, keep some key aspects of their lives fresh in mind: they’re busy, always in a hurry, and under a LOT of social pressure to be the perfect working parent.

While no tangible product can magically remedy these everyday struggles, there are several items on my list that have given my day-to-day workflow a significant upgrade to help me function and stay afloat.

This comprehensive guide contains my personal recommendations for the 25 best gifts for busy working moms while eliminating the challenging guesswork of gift-giving.

Best Gift Ideas for Working Moms Who Deserve to Be Pampered

If she’s too busy to pamper herself, then it’s up to you to step in and help. These are some of the best gifts for busy working moms to relax and refresh.

1. Ultra-Soft Pullover Hoodie

Many working moms would agree that choosing comfort over fashion is the norm, but you don’t have to compromise one over the other. This super-soft sweatshirt comes in several colors and patterns, providing style and coziness that you won’t feel guilty wearing at the bus stop or your workplace.

2. Assorted Tea Sampler Set

As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, I’m convinced that this tasty ensemble of assorted teas makes a lovely gift for work-from-home moms. There’s nothing better than treating yourself to an aromatic cup of tea when juggling both family and work, all under one roof.

3. Coffee

Coffee is one of the best gifts for work from home moms. For many busy working moms, it’s the elixir of life, regardless of the time of day or night. I highly recommend trying a sip of this rich, coffee from Canada. The taste is robust yet smooth, and absolutely delicious.

4. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

As a writer, I’m often planted in my chair for several hours a day. While my seat is usually comfortable, I wouldn’t get through the long stretches of marathon writing sessions without this extra-supportive seat cushion. From personal experience, this made one of the best working mom gifts, as my back and shoulder muscles simply cannot live without it.

5. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Earning some time to myself after a long day of work and caring for my family is often a rarity. When I can escape, however, dropping a bath bomb into the warm tub helps alleviate a lot of the stress I carry throughout the week. Averaging at an impressive 5-star rating with over 10k reviews, this set of twelve aromatic bath bombs offers uncompromised quality for a relaxing in-home retreat. It’s one of the best gifts for busy moms who just need that calm break at the end of the day.

6. Dual Foot Massager & Roller

Regardless of how peculiar it seems to be, this gift is one to raise some skeptical brows and start some intriguing conversations. This foot massager is not your mother’s average device for foot relief, but she’ll soon realize its outstanding potential in eliminating foot pain from a long day of work.

Best Gifts for Busy Working Moms Who Are Always in A Rush

Help her slow down just for a moment with these helpful time-saving gifts for working moms.

7. On-the-Go Wrinkle Release Spray

My household owns a clothes iron, yet we’ve touched it maybe twice since the time we received it. While it may be an unusual gift, this handy wrinkle-release spray has been a holy grail for the times I’ve thrown on clothes that sat in the dryer for over 24 hours, cleaning up my crinkly appearance before an important meeting.

8. Tile Essentials Kit

I tend to lose my keys, wallet, and phone more often than I’d like to admit. While most families haven’t heard of Tile, the company’s “essentials” kit truly lives up to its name by providing a quick solution to recovering misplaced items throughout the house.

9. Slim Credit Card Wallet

When I’m in a rush and don’t want to dig through my bottomless purse at the cash register, this practical gift has saved me from trouble on multiple occasions. Small yet mighty, this slim credit card wallet sticks on most flat and even surfaces, particularly the back of your smartphone. It holds up to 8 credit cards and can quickly be taken off and replaced without sticky residue being left behind.

10. Contigo Vacuum-Insulated Mug

For many years, Contigo has never failed to impress me on the quality and durability of their on-the-go products. A spill-proof solution to rush hour, this mug keeps your beverages hot for up to 7 hours, and cold drinks chilly up to 18 hours.

11. Car Power Inverter with USB Charger

At some point or another, we’ve all been on the interstate, and while relying on Google Maps, our phone gives the dreaded warning of a 5% battery. Forgetting to charge a phone overnight is an easy mistake to make for a sleep-deprived mom. However, this battery-charging travel companion will serve to charge your everyday devices quickly and efficiently during your morning commute.

12. “Not Your Mother’s” Dry Shampoo

Coming from a mom who often skips a day in shampooing her hair, my severe bedhead never fails to be tamed with a spritz of this essential dry shampoo. It helps keep my hair looking fresh and shower-clean for hours, saving me time and effort in my morning routine before work.

13. Plant Watering Globes

Our home is an abode to many varieties of houseplants, from Devil’s Ivy to the popular Monstera Deliciosa. I’m likely not the first to admit to unintentionally neglecting to water the plants due to a packed schedule. However, these glistening globes can water your plants for up to two weeks while adding a bright splash of color to every planted pot you own.

Best Gifts for Working Moms Who Lead a Stylish yet Organized Life

To retain her sanity, mom might need help staying organized and stylish at the same time. These gift ideas for working moms are the perfect solution.

14. Foldable Purse Hooks

Great for keeping your handbag off the floor and away from dirt, these small but mighty purse hooks are handy for attending meetings and catching lunch with coworkers. When not in use, these compact hooks are easy to stash in your purse or diaper bag, making them practical gifts for busy moms.

15. Space-Saving Pant Hangers

Kid items take up a lot of space, including the crevices of our very own closets. Attempting to fold my dress pants to later leave them crinkled in a crowded drawer wasn’t doing me any favors for my appearance during the workweek. This pack of 3 space-saving hangers makes an excellent gift for a working mom to help keep her looking fresh for her workday.

16. Collapsible File Organizer

The towering piles of paper never seem to end or go away when you combine parenting and work together under the same roof. This set of two collapsible file organizers are practical and stylish for both the home and office, providing the necessary space to efficiently organize the critical documents that need a working mom’s attention.

17. 2021 Professional Planner

Finding the motivation to complete essential projects with a jam-packed schedule can be a struggle. By returning to the workforce after having my son, I quickly learned that keeping a physical planner at my side was a necessity to juggle both my work and home life. This planner has been a life-saver for me, as it provides a monthly vision board, calendar tabs, and plenty of writing space to contain my busy months in one organized book.

18. “Chaos Coordinator” Mousepad

A thoughtful gift for someone who works from home, this mousepad is classy, vibrant, and would be a lovely addition to any mom’s desk. This mousepad resides on my own desk and makes me smile, as it’s a beautiful reminder of my messy, yet essential role as a working mother.

19. BentoHeaven Bento Box

Way before I became a mom, I had been low-key obsessed with Japanese culture. To my surprise, the Japanese custom of using a “bento” box to pack and tote your lunch has increased in popularity over the years. A fun and unique way to pack your lunch, this Bento box set has been a significant game-changer in my balanced daily food prep. It even includes a miniature set of silverware and chopsticks!

Best Gifts for A Busy Mom Who Loves to Read

If you catch her cozied up with a book even amidst her crazy schedule, then you know she’s a bookworm. A thoughtful book makes a perfect working mom gift for the woman who needs time to rejuvenate.

20. Stretched Too Thin

There is no doubt that working moms have a lengthy list of responsibilities. When our laundry lists become too much to manage, we lose touch with our sense of prioritization. Stretched Too Thin is a compelling read for any working mom who desires to bounce back and fulfill her prioritized roles to be the most successful version of herself, all while raising her kids.

21. Stories for my Child

Almost every mother has said to her child, “you’ll understand someday.” This meaningful journal’s purpose is to retell the story of the turbulence, trials, and preciousness of parenthood through the eyes of the child’s mother. A unique gift with vibrant imagery, Stories for my Child would be especially thoughtful for a mom who shares a love of writing and storytelling.

22. Breathe, Mama, Breathe

How many times a day do we think to ourselves, “I just need a break!”? Five uninterrupted minutes are all you need to reflect on your day of parenting and work for your calm and collected mental wellness. Breathe, Mama, Breathe is an easy read with frequent reminders to take the well-deserved quiet moments to yourself.

23. Your Turn

Determining a clear focus of your family’s long-term goals is essential in planning a successful and fulfilling future for all. For the determined working mom, the book Your Turn helps her delve into the several possible paths she can take in the workforce, all while maintaining a blossoming relationship with her kids.

24. Joy at Work

Marie Kondo, Japan’s iconic organizational expert and the celebrated author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is once again releasing a purposeful guide called Joy at Work on April 7th to help you spark joy in the workplace. Kondo’s unmatched wisdom in the art of tidying has given the world a wake-up-call in creating meaningful living spaces, helping her readers let go of underlying stressors that occupy their lives in the form of clutter and mess.

25. Work. Pump. Repeat.

A practical gift for a breastfeeding mom, this guide provides a supportive inside look on mastering the intricate art of pumping at work. Work. Pump. Repeat. offers a realistic take on the challenges our modern mothers face while pumping milk and is crafted to be an easy read, which includes an easy-listening audiobook version.

Every Working Momma Needs a Break

All hard-working mothers deserve to be pampered, comforted, and inspired. From on-the-go practicalities to eye-catching necessities, these gift ideas for working moms will be certain to spark an unquestionable appreciation for any woman raising a family while paving her path to success in the workforce.

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