How to Get 200,000+ Pageviews per Month with Keyword Research

I hear this question all the time: “How can I get more traffic to my blog?” It’s a great question to ask—that means you’re researching and ready to grow your blog readers and your income!

A lot of the advice for bloggers is vague, confusing, and simply not enough to actually get you past that beginner stage. You don’t need someone to tell you to “just write more,” and you definitely don’t need “25 Ways to Increase Your Traffic.”

If you’re ready to break past the beginner stage and become a pro blogger who earns a passive income, you need to learn one important skill: how to do keyword research.

Before I started implementing my keyword research strategy, my blog had around 350 pageviews per day- and those were mostly from Pinterest. I was putting in hours of work, but my blog simply wouldn’t take off no matter how hard I worked or how much I wrote. I couldn’t get that organic traffic that I wanted, and I couldn’t get my affiliate sales to climb to anywhere near a full-time income.

Then I started using my keyword strategy research. In just 10 months, my young blog in an extremely competitive niche went from those 350 pageviews coming from Pinterest to over 1,600 pageviews per day- mostly organic.

That means my traffic grew by more than 350% in 10 months, and I reached a milestone of more than 50,000 pageviews in January of 2021.

PAHP Pageviews

And it continued to grow.

As of November 21st, 2021: After continuously practicing keyword research and SEO on my blog, my traffic now averages 7,500+ pageviews per day- over 225,000 per month.

200k pageviews

*Disclaimer: Results vary based on the amount of time and effort spent implementing the strategy, and can vary based on search volumes of targeted keywords, number of articles published per month, and niche popularity.

I’ve been testing and developing this keyword research strategy for over five years while working with multiple successful, 6- and 7-figure earning online businesses, including my own 6-figure blog.


How Does SEO Traffic Increase Your Income?

More traffic to a blog or website (usually) means more money. And SEO traffic specifically means more targeted buyers for your affiliate products and services.

In just 10 months of implementing my keyword research strategy on what was previously started as a portfolio blog, I increased my affiliate conversions by more than $2,000 per month. That’s a semi-passive income stream that has since grown to more than $20,000 per month during the second half of 2021.

Proof of Income

In November 2020, I totaled $2,009.06 in affiliate earnings from my blog. This was within just a few months after I started implementing keyword research on every new post I published.

Less than one year later, I earned more than $22,000 in one month from my blog. Using these strategies changed everything. They transformed my blog from a helpful side gig to becoming my family’s full-time income.

Here are a few screenshots from October 2021 that total $22,353.24 in earnings:

Affiliate Network 1: $9,113.60

October earnings 1


Affiliate Network 2: $5,000.65

October earnings 2


Affiliate Network 3: $2,087.50

October earnings 3


Mediavine Ad Network: $6,151.49

October earnings 4

Here’s Where Most Bloggers Get Stuck

You watch the cursor blinking on your screen, hoping against hope that inspiration for the next viral blog post will miraculously jump into your head.

But that doesn’t happen.

Maybe because you have writer’s block. Or you’re distracted. Maybe your brain is just tired.

Whatever the reason, you’re out of ideas.

Blink… Blink… Blink…

The next thing you know, you’ve lost half an hour and only have random notes and some doodles to show for it.

I’ve been there. In fact, I don’t know a content creator who hasn’t.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could come up with a whole list of potential keywords to target in just a few minutes? And not just some random list of “the top 10 blog posts you need to write” (read: “top 10 blog posts that everyone else is writing”).

You need some unique keyword ideas that tie into your existing website. I get that.

The truth is, writing about topics that hundreds (if not thousands) of other content creators cover is a great way to get lost in the shuffle. Even if you write epic content, your stuff won’t get traffic when there are others with more experience or authority already published and holding a spot on the first page of Google results.

That’s Why You Need to Know:

  • Exactly which keywords your blog can rank on page one for.
  • How to create lists upon lists of keywords that are tailored to your website.
  • How to analyze each keyword in just minutes to see if you can actually rank for it.



About Me

You may be wondering who I am and why you should trust me when I tell you which steps I take to find and research keywords.

Trinity Owen

I’m Trinity, the blogger behind The Pay at Home Parent, and I’m probably a lot like you. Before I knew there was a method to keyword research and on-page SEO, I would just choose a word at random and plug it into an article over and over. And then I would choose that same keyword and stuff it into other articles. Ouch.

My first client, an e-commerce website owner, enlightened me to the fact that there is a method to the madness of SEO. I followed his instructions and educated myself on the basics of SEO. I soon began to consistently bump page after page into the top 10 search results on Google – but I still didn’t understand why this method was working.

I knew there had to be more behind SEO than just blindly choosing keywords, so I started to read everything I could find on the topic. I worked with some bigger clients along the way and continued to increase organic traffic for each one. Through trial and error (and a lot of reading), I finally created an effective system for keyword research.

But Google’s search algorithms get updated all the time. While this means that what worked five years ago doesn’t work now, my ongoing work in SEO has helped me stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

One thing that stays consistent in SEO is that high-quality content almost always wins. That means if you’re not willing to spend time writing great articles, then no matter how unique your keywords are and how great your on-page SEO skills may be, this strategy won’t work for you.


If you do plan to put your all into your content, then use my simple five-step method to find keywords that you have the best chance to rank for.


Introducing… Get Your Keywords Together

Inside, I am going to share five steps to kickstart your keyword research using only free tools – even if your blog is brand new and you don’t think you have what it takes to rank on search engines. Why? So that you can finally get organic traffic that is actively searching for the answers you provide.

GYKT displayed on a tablet screen

Get Your Keywords Together: How to Do Keyword Research with Only Free Tools

This action-packed guide will help you find and vet keywords using a simple, five-step formula. It will take the guesswork out of choosing keywords and give you confidence that your content can rank on the first page of Google without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive keyword research tools.


Here’s What You’ll Discover:

    • The five simple steps I take to find keywords that can rank content on page one of Google.
    • A variety of free websites and tools to make finding and researching those keywords a breeze.
    • Seven crucial SEO mistakes to avoid when creating new content.
    • How to dive into your target reader’s mind and give them the exact content they are searching for.
    • Insight into the data that indicates your likelihood of ranking a keyword on the first page of Google.
    • A complete case study that demonstrates how to apply the strategy from start to finish.
    • And much more


Here’s Everything You Get:

e-Book: Get Your Keywords Together: How to Do Keyword Research with Only Free Tools

… A serious, duplicatable, step-by-step process to find keywords and make sure they’ll work for you before you put hours into writing content that may never rank (Value: $99).

Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover


Bonus #1: Access to my Private SEO-focused Facebook Group

Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Join my SEO-focused Facebook group for bloggers and get your questions answered quickly so that you can make this strategy work for you right away (Value: $99).

ebook support Facebook group


Bonus #2: A Copy of My SERP Test Spreadsheet

You don’t have to just guess if your website has a chance to rank higher than a competitor’s site. Get my intuitive spreadsheet to compile your research on the top SERPs (search engine results pages) and take your keywords through five critical thinking questions to determine your ranking potential (Value: $29).



Get Access to Two More Freebies!

Freebie #1: Join My 6-Day SEO Boot Camp

Don’t just learn SEO; do it. In my free SEO Boot Camp, you can get the information and support you need to start implementing SEO on your website immediately. It’s never too late to fix your site and attract organic, high-converting traffic (Value: $49).

Free SEO Boot Camp


Freebie #2: My 38-item (Quick) SEO Checklist

After you learn how to SEO during my six-day SEO Boot Camp, implement each step by following my handy, printable SEO checklist of 38 actionable items you can do on every piece of your content (Value: $19).

Free SEO Checklist


A total value of $295
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What People Are Saying

Don’t take my word for it. I have happy clients and blogger friends who are willing to share their experiences after working with me.

SEO Reviews


Christen Grozelle from Best Money Mom says…

“I took your SEO email course last month and I got my first post on page 1 of Google this week!”


Crystal from Bullet Journal Addict says…

“Trinity has been my go to source for all things SEO. Her expertise is the reason why my one-year-old blog ranks on the front page for popular search terms in my niche. She’s the reason 50% of my site’s total traffic comes from search engine results, and it’s only growing. Trinity is the ultimate in real, useful, and achievable, SEO knowledge that doesn’t drive you insane or take up loads of your valuable time.”


Ben from DollarSprout says…

“Trinity’s SEO knowledge has been a huge asset to our team. She’s helped guide our content strategy, teach some of our lesser-experienced team members the nuances of on-page and off-page SEO, and produce articles that outrank some of the biggest websites in our niche. Trinity is a well-rounded SEO — something that’s difficult to find in today’s landscape.”



Get your keywords together on laptop screen

A total value of $295
for only $47!

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