12 Ways to Get Paid to Knit, Crochet, and Cross Stitch

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It’s not difficult to find opportunities to learn how to make money knitting. You just have to think outside of the box. If you are someone who knits already, enhance your skill to include crochet items as well. Knitting and crocheting are two different methods of weaving materials together to produce one-of-a-kind products. However, both are equally beautiful crafts.

History shows that knitting has been around for thousands of years, roughly starting sometime between 500 and 1200 A.D. in Egypt. There are so many items a knitter can produce with just some yarn or wool. Add in some knitting skills and you can weave that yarn into something magnificent. From blankets to sweaters to socks and even hats, you can knit almost anything.

Knitting is often imagined to be done by an elderly woman, but that isn’t always the case. Anyone can pick up knitting, crocheting, or even cross stitching at any age. All three crafts are relaxing, therapeutic, and rewarding. Get paid to crochet, knit, or cross stitch so that you can enjoy your hobby while paying some extra bills.

12 Creative Ways to Get Paid to Knit

These four ways can guide you to get paid to knit. They are meant to help you start out in the knitting world and get your craft in front of the right people.

1. Sell Your Creations

The most obvious way to get paid to knit is to sell your creations. Come up with cute designs coupled with beautiful colors of yarn and you could really have a hot item to sell. Find out what customers like to buy whether it’s blankets, scarves, or baby items.

You can sell them in-person at community events, inside of other stores, on an Etsy shop, or just on your own website. Consider the price you want to set for each of the items you create. Not only do you want to recover the cost of the materials you purchased, but you also want to be compensated for the time you spent creating the item. Do research on how much other handmade knitted items are selling for to help determine your pricing.

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2. Host Live In-Person Knitting Classes

There is an audience out there that wants to learn how to knit. Give those individuals what they want and offer in-person knitting classes. Charge each individual who attends an entry fee. Take into account what you will provide during the class. Think of any snacks, knitting materials, and time you are spending helping others.

Your skill is unique and others will pay to have you teach and show them. Get paid to knit by helping others learn the craft.

3. Test Patterns Others Created

Some knitters publish knitting patterns for items like blankets. Try out the patterns for the creator before they get published to ensure others will enjoy them. Patterns need to be rated on a difficulty level so having an experienced knitter test out the patterns beforehand will help the creator with their sales.

Charge for the time you spend testing out the pattern. This could be an hourly rate or a “per project” rate. Submit your feedback to the creator when you are finished with the pattern. Let them know what you thought of it.

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4. Start a Freelance Business and Write About Knitting

You don’t have to only knit items in order to get paid to knit. You can actually write about the entire knitting or crocheting process as a freelance writer. Take on clients in the knitting niche and pitch your writing services to them. Talk about the techniques to use, the proper tools to have, and how knitting can be a therapeutic hobby.

As a freelance writer talking about knitting, it is important to have a smidge of knowledge about knitting so that you can relate to readers. You can charge clients per article that you write for them and make a full-time income as a freelance writer.

More Ways to Get Paid to Knit Online

Consider how you can take knitting to the online space to make even more money. You can also do this for crocheting and cross stitch items.

5. Create a Course

Online courses are all the buzz in recent times. People want to learn something new and they are willing to pay for it by purchasing online courses. Create your own online knitting, crocheting, or cross stitch course to sell online and make money continuously through sales.

Get creative with your course. You can appeal to the beginner crowd and set up a series of lessons to help beginners learn the basics. Additionally, you can create a course that teaches more complex strategies and sell that to more experienced knitters. Sign up for an online platform like Samcart which allows you to sell your course and price it according to what other courses on the same topic are selling for.

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6. Sell Your Knitting or Crocheting Patterns on Etsy

You can create unique knitting or crocheting patterns to sell to others. Some knitters need help with inspiration on what to create next. Your new pattern could be exactly what they are looking for to give them a beautiful product.

Some patterns can sell for as low as $2 or as high as $20 depending on the difficulty level. Compare with other shop owners to see how well their items are selling and for what price. The best part about it is that you will only have to spend time in the beginning creating the pattern and reap the benefits of sales for years to come.

7. Sell a Knitting eBook

Publish an ebook that is all about knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching. Talk about why you enjoy doing it, the benefits of the craft, and how others can begin this hobby for themselves. Provide them a list of items they can make or even show them how they can get paid to crochet or knit.

You can choose to sell ebooks on platforms like Etsy, Amazon Kindle, Shopify, or from your own website. Set the price for your ebook to be competitive compared to other books on the same topic. Continue driving sales from your ebook now and in the future.

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8. Start a Knitting YouTube Channel

YouTube is a popular platform used for entertainment and “how to” tutorials. Create your own YouTube channel specifically for other crafters and get paid to knit. Show your viewers complex knitting patterns, use time-lapse to show them how long it took you to knit a certain item, or simply be someone who talks about fun topics while knitting.

Knitting can be a hobby that connects you with knitters all over the world. Use your YouTube channel to make money from your videos by allowing ads on your channel. Now you can really increase your monthly income by taking advantage of the traffic on your videos.

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9. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a person like you advertises a product for a different company. You then get paid for advertising its products if someone who sees your advertisement makes a purchase using your special link or code. This type of marketing is very effective in the social media space.

Join affiliate marketing companies that are seeking influencers like you to promote knitting, crocheting, or cross stitch products. From yarn to hooks and even needles for cross stitch, you can promote those products to others and get paid for sharing links.

How to Get Paid While Knitting

Being a person who knits doesn’t always come with a full-time salary. If you need additional ways to make money but you don’t want to give up your favorite hobby, then here are two ways to get paid while you knit.

10. Become a Personal Assistant for The Elderly

You don’t need to have a medical license of any kind in order to get paid to spend time with the elderly. In fact, there are plenty of flexible positions that include tasks like running errands, driving them to appointments, and simply spending quality time with them while family is unavailable.

Since knitting is often looked at as a hobby for grandmas and great aunts, double your efforts by bringing your knotting projects to work with you. Teach the elderly person in your care to knit with you or just pull out your kneedles and yarn while waiting for appointments or watching TV together.

11. Become a Babysitter

Babysitting is an important job that involves taking care of children during the absence of their parents. This could be for a date night, work, running errands, or just needing to have some time for themselves. As a babysitter, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of those children.

After putting the children down for bedtime, you typically will still have some time left before the parents come back to relieve you. This means you can bring out your crafting items and get paid to cross stitch, knit, or crochet while you wait for them to return. Babysitters get paid per hour so you will technically still be getting paid to babysit while you knit at the same time.

12. Start a Pet Sitting Service

Pet sitting is of the easiest jobs to do. Essentially, you will get paid to care for a pet while the owner is away. This could mean feeding and giving water to the pet, taking it on walks, or just sitting with it to let your furry friend know it is not alone.

While you are caring for the pet, take your knitting materials over to the home with you and get paid to knit. Reassure the pet that they are safe just by being present with them. Pet sitters can make an hourly or daily rate.

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Knitting is Beneficial Monetarily and Health Wise

Continue to keep your fine motor skills sharp by calling on your brain and hands to work together to knit beautiful items consistently. According to Bria Communities, knitting improves dexterity and strengthens your hands, which makes knitting a type of exercise. It is a beneficial activity for many reasons.

Regardless of your skills, beginner knitters can also get paid to knit using any of the methods mentioned in this list. You don’t have to be an experienced person to learn how to make money knitting.

Simply practice your skill, apply it in a way that feels most comfortable to you, and start making money. Begin knitting, crocheting, or cross stitching to really understand how your life can change one spool of yarn at a time.

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