How to Become a Beer Taster and Get Paid to Drink

Different types of beer

A nice weekend out typically includes trying a new restaurant or brewery in the area. My husband likes to try new beers that are on tap and sometimes that leads him to finding a new favorite. Beer can be a simple joy in his day, but they aren’t cheap. Thankfully, there are ways to get paid to drink beer instead of spending so much.

When you try a new beer, there is much more that goes into it than just the consumption. There is the smell, the flavor, the aftertaste, and the pairing with a meal. Avid beer drinkers might even find this is a hobby for them.

Beer tasting is becoming a hobby for many. It’s no wonder people are looking for ways to get paid to taste beer. If you like beer and want to find beer drinking jobs, you’ve come to the right place.

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10 Ways to Get Paid to Drink Beer

Different types of beer

There isn’t just one way to make money tasting beer. Consider these easy ways to make money fast and try them out for yourself.

1. Get Cash Back on Your Beer

Cashback opportunities are legit free money hacks that give you a certain percentage of your purchase price back in your wallet. If you buy a specific item that is on the cashback opportunity list, you automatically get money back in your wallet. Both of the following companies offer a $20 sign-up bonus to new members! You can also check out other ways to make $20.

Ibotta offers cash back for beer anywhere from $0.10 up to $6.00 back on purchases like Budweiser, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, and more.

Rakuten is a cashback online platform that gives money back on beer items. Offers include 2.5% up to 7.5% cash back on beer products like subscription memberships, beer-making kits, and other beer-related products.

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2. Get a Beer Tasting Job

There are companies that will pay members to review products, such as beer. There is no guarantee that a beer taster job will be available. However, you can still sign up with these companies to watch for beer tasting opportunities.

Pinecone Research is an exclusive site that pays members to test and review products for cash. You’ll have to apply to see if there is an opening.

Opinion Outpost is another product testing company that pays its members to review different products like drinks and food. There are a variety of opportunities that come and go.

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3. Become a Beer Reviewer

Blogging is used as an informational platform even if that information is based on experience and opinions. Bloggers choose to put whatever they want on their site and that could mean publishing posts about beer.

Start a blog about beer and you can write reviews of beer brands, get paid to promote affiliate products, and get paid for sponsored posts by distilleries. Essentially, you’d get paid to drink beer. You can also review other beer items and not just the drink themselves.

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4. Become a Freelance Writer

You don’t have to have your own website in order to write about beer. Consider becoming a freelance writer and get paid to taste beer and write reviews.

Freelance writers write for other sites, publications, and businesses. Your review can be exactly what they need to attract their audience to new beer brands and drive sales.

5. Become a Beer Influencer on Instagram

Being an influencer on Instagram is similar to blogging, but without the website. Build a following on Instagram, connect with your audience, and share pictures of you visiting new distilleries, trying new brands of beer, or host a live review of some new beer products.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to link out to affiliates in your feed posts. However, you can still get paid to drink beer by getting brand sponsorships.

Additionally, Instagram offers a “swipe up” feature on stories for accounts with large followings. Therefore, you could link to the products in your stories and you can earn a commission from people who buy from your link.

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6. Publish Unique Beer Recipes

There are thousands of food websites with recipes for just about anything you can think of. But how many of those recipes are dedicated solely to beer recipes? The answer: not many. Get paid to taste beer with new recipes you create.

Now’s your chance to get into a niche of creating beers and sharing your own special recipes. Monetize your site with ads and affiliates to make money tasting beer. Learn how to start a business website for this exact purpose.

7. White Label Your Own Brand of Beer

White labeling means you put your own label on a brand of beer and sell it for a profit. Create an ecommerce store or negotiate some shelf space with local stores where you can sell your own brand of beer.

Here is how you can start creating your own beer label and get the ultimate beer taster job. Taste the beer that is created for you and make decisions on how to sell your unique flavor.

8. Start a YouTube Channel for Beer Lovers

Create a YouTube Channel and promote the brands you try out. Get in front of the camera with your reviews and tasting sessions to share your first reactions to the multiple flavors.

Bring in some friends and make it a tasting session on camera so that your viewers can hear from different points of view. You can monetize your channel with ads, affiliate links, or paid sponsorships.

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9. Design Beer T-Shirts

Everyone likes a good graphic t-shirt. Design your own custom beer t-shirt with witty, catchy beer sayings and sell them for a profit. If you’d rather not get into the design side, then sell shirts created by others for a commission. Get paid to drink beer while you promote other beer brands or products like t-shirts with funny beer sayings.

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10. Become a Beer Photographer

Visuals are a great tool for selling and promoting. People want to see what they are buying which is why so many photographers get paid to take pictures. Becoming a beer photographer for beer companies, brands, and bloggers is a great way to get paid for beer. These companies can pay for stock images or hire you as their personal photographer for their imaging needs.

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5 Beer Affiliate Programs You Can Join for Free

When you advertise a product for another company and get people to buy from your recommendation, you can receive a commission for that sale. This is affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon. Amazon’s associate program allows you to link to products in their catalog and make a commission for beer-making kits, beer mugs, beer pong, etc. The commission differs based on the product.
  • The Beer Connoisseur. Beer Connoisseur is a beer magazine company that covers consumer and professional categories in the beer industry. The affiliate program offers 10% commission for every subscription sold.
  • The Original Craft Beer Club. The Original Craft Beer Club is a monthly beer subscription that sends new beer brands to members each month. Its affiliate program offers a 10% affiliate payout for beer sales.
  • Beer Drop. Beer Drop is a company selling beer subscription boxes delivered to your door each month. Earn a $12 commission for every new subscription and 10% compensation for other purchases through the affiliate program.
  • City Brew Tours. City Brew Tours transports guests to different breweries to learn about and enjoy beer. Affiliates receive a 20% discount on tours in any city.

Tips to Make The Most Money by Testing Beer

man getting paid to drink beer

Beer drinking jobs sound like a great way to make money. However, there are some tips to consider before getting into the business.

Try Before You Recommend (and Be Honest)

Just because you can make a commission on something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out the product first to have the experience. It is important that your reviews and recommendations come from first-hand experience otherwise you can lose loyal fans.

If they trust you to buy something you recommend and it ends up being terrible, your reputation as a beer taster can be tainted. Like anything else you buy, you almost always read the reviews first to see if it’s worth it. The same goes for being honest in your promotion of beer brands and products.

Write In-Depth Reviews

Write about every part of the beer experience down to the customer service, if applicable. Your viewers will already be interested in the product so make sure they know exactly what to expect when they make a purchase. Your review will keep people coming back to you and purchasing through you because they find value in your reviews.

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Compare and Contrast Brands

Give full details about the brands that you try and compare them to each other. Show your audience the differences each brand has to offer and what they may have in common.

Keep an Open Mind

Don’t be afraid to try something new. There are many beer brands popping up. Trying them could mean finding the next big hit. Additionally, your audience will appreciate learning about new brands and flavors.

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Get Your Beer Paid for and More

Get paid to taste beer, promote other beer products, and create a steady income for yourself. While beer tasting won’t be enough to make a full time-income at first, there are plenty of options here to make a passive income or create a small business for yourself to get paid to drink beer.

From beer photography to writing reviews and even affiliate marketing, there is no shortage of ways you can become a beer taster and get paid for your experience.

The most rewarding thing in life is creating a job that you love and getting paid to do it. Tasting beer and trying other beer products can be a dream job for many. Tap into the beer industry for a chance at making a living with beer.

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