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As a frugal wife and mother, I am always looking for ways to make money online, find great deals or earn free rewards. A free vacation is one of those things that I have earned three years in a row and something that I will always appreciate!

I am going to tell you exactly how my family and I have gone on a free vacation for the last three years. It’s easy, it works every time, and it doesn’t require entering 500 sweepstakes. In fact, it doesn’t require entering any sweepstakes.

What do I Consider a Free Vacation?

Before I talk about how I have gone on multiple free vacations, let me define what I consider a vacation.

I’m not talking about a trip to Disneyland or round trip airplane ticket across the United States.

To me, a leisurely drive out of state to a clean hotel with surrounding family activities is vacation enough for me.

If you’re looking for a free trip to Disney World or a fancy cruise to the Bahamas, this method will only help you earn a portion of those trips.

You could earn larger free trips like the ones mentioned above but it would probably take more than 1 year to make it happen!

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So without further ado, let’s jump into the exact method I have used to earn a free week long hotel stay for three years in a row!

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Earn a Free Vacation

Credit Card Rewards

If you are frugal, smart with money and hate paying interest, then you are the perfect candidate for opening a credit card to earn great rewards.

Let me say this again, though, with a little more emphasis.

Basically, you need to be smarter than 95% of credit card holders in order to make this work to your advantage.

I have never allowed a credit card balance to remain on my card for more than one month.

I will never spend more on a credit card than I have available in the bank, and I autopay my full balance at the end of each month.

Apply now to start earning a free vacation

The Fine Line Between Credit Card Rewards and Credit Card Debt

If you are not using a credit card for everyday cash back and point rewards then you are wasting money and saving opportunity. However, if you are paying interest on any of the card’s balance, even for short periods of time, you are wasting money.

It is important to use credit cards to your advantage if you would like to earn a free vacation.

Keeping this fine line in perspective, we can talk about how to earn a free vacation with credit card rewards.

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3 Steps to Earn a Free Vacation Using Credit Card Rewards

First, research credit cards with high opening points rewards and choose one card to apply for.

This is the card that I highly recommend and used to earn 7 free nights in a hotel just from the opening rewards.

If you apply for the card using my referral link, you too can receive the same rewards toward a free vacation. Be sure to read through the card requirements before applying.

Next, make sure to apply at a time that you plan to make enough purchases that will match or exceed the minimum threshold to earn the opening reward points.

I like to open a credit card during the Christmas shopping season or when we need to make a large planned purchase. A few examples are car tires, a lawn mower, furniture or home renovations.

Basically, work this method into a time that you have the money and you already plan to spend it. Don’t just spend the money frivolously in order to earn the rewards! This could really hurt your finances and your credit if you’re not careful.

I have even opened a credit card with no large purchases budgeted. I switched all reoccurring bills to the card and used it for bills, groceries and gas and still passed the minimum threshold to earn the opening rewards!

For cards with a low minimum to earn big rewards,this might be your best option. It allows you to stay within your budget every step of the way.

Lastly, once your card application is approved and you have decided how to pass the minimum, do it. Don’t get cold feet!

If you have a healthy fear of credit cards, make your purchases and immediately set up your autopay so that you never pay interest.

Make sure you only spend money that you have in your bank account and you cannot go wrong!

Before you know it, you will have earned enough points for your first free vacation!

Apply now to start earning a free vacation.

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Earning A Free Vacation is Simple

Nothing is more rewarding and relaxing than a free vacation.

I have done this three times now! I typically keep my cards open and (barely) active or convert them to a card that does not have a yearly fee. Once in a while I will close a credit card that I no longer use.

During the times that we are not specifically building rewards, we use a credit card for gas, food and bills. This way we still keep our cards active and we continually earn rewards! It’s a win-win every time.

If you could earn rewards and cash back for every single transaction, why wouldn’t you?!

The benefits of credit card rewards are many but we’ll save that topic for another day.

Today I’ll simply present this method I use to earn a free vacation! Take this information and consider how it could change the way you spend money on vacation.

Apply now to start earning a free vacation.

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