Free Pinterest Scheduler

Free Pinterest Scheduler That Will Help Automate Your Pins

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a free Pinterest scheduler that you could use to schedule your Pins weeks or even months in advance? What if I told you that there is and you can?!

Pinterest automation sends a huge source of traffic to websites like blogs and eCommerce stores. It is an important business tool that we can’t ignore.

But there is one tiny catch when using Pinterest for major traffic – it can take hours of your valuable time every week to Pin consistently!

In this tutorial I am going to tell you exactly how you can schedule your Pins using this free Pinterest scheduler! Unlimited Pins, no trial periods, and no games! Click To Tweet

That’s right, you can avoid the monthly cost that comes with paid schedulers like Tailwind and Buffer. These tools are certainly worth the cost to many bloggers, but free is always worth considering!

Free Pin Scheduler

Pinterest scheduling tool

Free Pinterest scheduler

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and decide to make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I will earn a commission.

Not interested in the extra work of setting up a free Pinterest scheduler? Ease your Pinning efforts and try Tailwind for free!

Free Pinterest Scheduler IFTTT (If This Then That)

I recently discovered an amazing (and free) automation tool called IFTTT and I am going to tell you exactly how to set it up below! Click here to skip to the steps.

After Crystal, over at Mommy is a Wino, walked me through some automation steps to schedule Twitter and Facebook posts, I had to see what else I could do with IFTTT. So I set out to test it as a free Pinterest scheduler!

And for those who are concerned of the “legality” of using IFTTT to schedule Pins, IFTTT is Pinterest API approved as of May 6, 2015. In other words, like other paid schedulers such as Tailwind and Buffer, using IFTTT as a free Pinterest scheduler is perfectly safe and approved by Pinterest.

You will need to connect IFTTT to your Pinterest account and grant the following permissions:

Pin Tool IFTTT Approved API

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What Pinterest Actions Can You Automate with IFTTT?

I’m going to share a few of the more common Pinterest automation recipes that you can create using IFTTT. But stick with me, because it’s the uncommon and unknown recipes that you can use to schedule Pinterest posts.

Automatically Pin your Instagrams to a specified board

You can quickly automate your Instagram images to Pin to a specified board of yours on Pinterest when you use a specific hashtag. Create your recipe on IFTTT and specify the hashtag and board that you would like some of your Instagrams to post to.

Automatically share Pins saved to a specific board to your Twitter

You can trigger all Pins shared to any specified board(s) to be shared on Twitter. This helps streamline your actions across social media and saves time with Pinterest automation.

Pin new WordPress posts to a Pinterest board

As soon as you publish a post on WordPress, you might be overwhelmed with the after-publishing steps that need to be done. With this Pitnerest automation tool, you can have your new posts automatically Pin to a specified board on Pinterest.

Pinterest Pin Scheduler to setup auto Pin

And now on to the reason you are here. We are all dying to learn about the Pinterest Pin scheduler that is free, because Pinning consistently is hard. So this is why I’m going to share exactly how you can use this Pinterest Pin scheduler.

IFTTT Scheduling Limitations

It is extremely easy to schedule Pins using IFTTT as a Pinterest scheduling tool but there are a few things you should know if you go with the very basic method I am about to teach.

  1. Scheduling Pins this way can take just as long as it takes to Pin throughout the week. The benefit of this free Pin scheduler is that you can batch your Pinning efforts and get it done for the week ahead in one sitting.
  2. Scheduling Pins using IFTTT as a Pinterest scheduler is still a manual process and requires you to curate your 3rd party content and write (or copy/paste) your descriptions.
  3. I will be offering upgrade materials to turn this exact method I’m about to teach into a true Pinterest auto Pinner. Instead of manually scheduling each Pin, you can use my Pinterest automation tools and instructions to preset a schedule and quickly fill your queue. You will not need to think about the time and date to schedule each Pin as you curate content. In other words, using my Pinterest scheduler, you will fill in a simple form with the Pin image URL, content URL and copy/paste a description and the Pin will push to your queue on a specified board (it’s amazing).

5 Steps to Schedule Pinterest Posts Free with IFTTT

Let’s jump right into the steps and learn how to use this free Pinterest scheduling tool!

Step 1: Signup for / Login to IFTTT

IFTTT is the amazing tool that will help us create a Pin schedule! Sign up here, it’s free.

Step 2: Signup for / Login to Google Account

You will need a Google account (Gmail) to schedule your Pins for free using IFTTT. If you are not already on Gmail, it’s free to signup. There are some amazing tools that Google allows us to use for free – be sure to take advantage of them! Sign up here.

Step 3: Create Google Calendar Specifically for Pin Scheduler

Using your Google account you’ll need to create a new Google calendar specifically for your scheduled Pins. Let’s call this new calendar “Pin Queue” since we will be using it to schedule out our Pins to be posted to Pinterest automatically at a later date.

Step 4: Create an Applet on IFTTT to connect Google Calendar and Pinterest

On IFTTT, visit “My Applets” and select “New Applet” to get started creating your first recipe. Select the blue plus sign next to “this” to set up the trigger between your Google calendar (the tool that we’ll use to schedule our Pins) and your Pinterest account.

pinterest scheduler

Type “Google Calendar” into the search bar and select the blue calendar icon.

free pinterest scheduler using Google Calendar

Select the option titled, “Event from search starts.” This option allows you to assign each scheduled Pin a hashtag that sends it to a specific board. For example, all Pins that I hashtag #SideHustles will go to my Side Hustle board on Pinterest.

pinterest tools

Next you’ll choose your newly created calendar called “Pin Queue” and add the hashtag for your first board. Make sure your hashtag matches the board you would like to schedule this first category of Pins to. This hashtag will be visible on each Pin that you schedule to this board, so you want to make sure it’s generic and fitting.

Other examples I use: #workfromhome (Pins to my board all about making money / working from home), #homebusiness (home business tips board), #pintereststrategies (for my Pinterest tips board), etc.

Leave your “Time before event starts” at 0 as this will trigger your Pins at the time you schedule them on your Google calendar.

Select “Create trigger.”

pinterest automation

Next, select the blue plus sign next to “that.” This will allow us to create the automatic posting action on Pinterest.

schedule pinterest posts

Type “Pinterest” into the search bar and select the Pinterest icon.

pinterest pin scheduler

Select “Add Pin to board” to set the board parameters.

bulk upload to pinterest

Open your first board on Pinterest and copy/paste the exact title under “Enter a board name.” For the Photo URL, click “Add ingredient” and select “Where.” For the description, delete the text populated in the field and then click “Add ingredient” and select “Description.” For the Source URL, delete the text populated in the field and then click “Add ingredient” and select “Title.” Select “Create action.”

free pinterest scheduler

Click the green slider button to turn off notifications every time the Applet runs and then select “Finish.”

schedule pins

Your trigger is now set! When you schedule a Pin on your calendar (we’ll walk through this next) with the hashtag #SideHustles in the description, the Pin will automatically save to your Side Hustles board on Pinterest! You’ll need to walk through step four for each one of your boards and assign a unique hashtag to each trigger.

Keep in mind you can either create a separate Google calendar for each board, or you can place all Pins on the same calendar. I have tested both and ultimately I will be streamlining my scheduling by keeping all Pins to my boards on one calendar. I will have a separate calendar to schedule Pins to all of my group boards.

The reason for creating two separate calendars for my boards and for group boards is because I will be looping my Pins to group boards. If you do loop Pins, just be careful to review group board rules because some boards do not allow repeats whereas others allow repeats after a certain period of time.

I am still thinking about looping some great 3rd party Pins to my own boards so that a year down the road, for example, I have less and less manual scheduling of 3rd party Pins to do. This is completely up to you.

Step 5: Create events on Google Calendar to schedule Pins

To schedule a Pin to your newly created “Pin Queue” calendar, visit your Google Calendar. Select the date you would like to schedule your very first Pin.

Let’s create a test Pin right now! First, locate a nice Pin on Pinterest that will fit well on your “Side Hustles” board (or the board you chose for your first recipe). We’ll use this Pin as an example.

You will need to open the article that the Pin links to in order to gather the necessary information to add this Pin to your schedule.

On your Google Calendar, click on today’s date (). Paste the blog post’s URL on the Calendar event’s “Add title” section. Select your start time to be 10 minutes from now and your end time 1 hour after the start time. Select your “Pin Queue” calendar. Select “MORE OPTIONS.”

auto pin using Google Calendar

Write a new description or copy/paste the description already posted on the Pin you chose to schedule. You must include the proper hashtag in your description so that this Pin saves to the assigned board. Otherwise the IFTTT Applet will fail / skip this entry.

I included the hashtag #SideHustles so that this Pin would go to my Pinterest board that is all about side hustles.

pinterest bulk upload

In the blog post you are pinning, locate the Pin image and copy the image URL. You can usually do this by right-clicking the long image and selecting “Copy image address.” Paste the image URL in the “Add Location” section of your Google calendar event.

pinterest pinning toolSave the event!

pinterest scheduling tool

Head to your Pinterest profile and view your latest Pin to verify that the Pin you just scheduled and posted your test Pin to the correct board, with the correct image, blog post URL and description! If you’ve followed the instructions to a T then you will find that it works! Make sure to allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass since you scheduled your Pin to save 10 minutes ahead.

Free Pinterest Scheduler

So now you know how to use this amazing, free Pinterest scheduler! After you create all of your Google calendars and IFTTT recipes (a one time task), you will simply need to schedule Pins on your calendar.

There is some limitation on the speed of using this method because you will need to track your time and dates for your Pins and schedule them one by one. You will want to make sure you are spacing your Pins throughout the day and week to take full advantage of this free Pinterest scheduler.

Upgrade Material for Further Pinterest Automation

This is where my upgrade Pinterest scheduling tool comes in to provide FAST scheduling. Once my instructions and Pinterest automation tools are ready, you can use them to create date and time presets for every single board. For example, you can set a schedule to save niche Pins to specified boards every hour from 8 am to 11 pm or every half hour, 24 hours per day, it’s up to you.

Using my Pinterest pinning tool, after setting your Pinning schedule, simply fill out a simple form for each Pin and within minutes an event will populate on your Pin Queue calendar. This saves a lot of manual work creating an event for each Pin and remembering what time to schedule each upcoming Pin to it’s specific board. It’s extremely easy to use once everything is set up (instructions will be provided) and you can schedule a full month of Pins in only a few hours!

pinterest auto pinner

Upgrade Pinterest Scheduling Tool Benefits:

  • One time, low cost (not monthly/reoccurring fee like most schedulers!)
  • Customize schedule presets using my previously programmed tools (all user friendly with specific instructions)
  • Everything is Google App based and IFTTT based, making it a reliable solution
  • Automatically add Pins to your Google Calendar upon form submission (truly automated)
  • Save time by scheduling a whole month of Pins in only a few hours
  • Pin to multiple boards at one time by adding multiple hashtags to one description
  • Loop Pins (this will create a NEW Pin each time, not a repin)
  • Fill up 6 months to a year of Pins and only add YOUR new Pins into the schedule to save time (optional)y


Let’s be honest for a minute here. We all want something that is fast but we also want free. Unfortunately we cannot have both – but – we can have something very close to it! Any other Pinterest scheduler (that I know of) comes with a monthly cost. For big bloggers who are making thousands of dollars per month, that is okay! But for new bloggers or frugal bloggers who like to keep monthly costs down (like me!), eliminating that monthly cost would be amazing.

Or you can compare Pinning methods and try Tailwind for free!

But here is where your decision comes in. You can use these free Pinterest scheduler instructions to schedule your Pins on Pinterest for free and fill up your queue one-by-one as fast as you can – or – you can purchase my Pinterest automation tool to truly automate and speed up your Pin scheduling. It will both save you money and make your Pinning life easier.

The great thing about my Pinterest scheduler is that I am offering it at a one-time cost! I have not set the price yet since I have not calculated how much work it will take to finish the project, but I can assure you that you will save so much money in the long run.

IFTTT is an approved free Pinterest scheduler that links directly to your Pinterest account. There is no sign of them going anywhere! In fact, they seem to be adding to their huge portfolio of Applets by the day. Click To Tweet

We’re in a century of automation. Embrace it and enjoy it!

My email subscribers will be the first to know when my upgrade Pinterest scheduler is available, so please feel free to join! I love talking about all things Pinterest, blogging and home business.

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If you have taken the time to set up your first Applet on IFTTT, please let me know in the comments! I would love to celebrate with you as you put this free Pinterest scheduler to use. I am the first to admit that I did a little “happy dance” when I tested this method and found that it works! Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this free Pinterest scheduler!

If you’re not sure which avenue to take when it comes to creating a Pinning schedule, try Tailwind for free and compare values!

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