7 Step Free Business Plan Template For Startup Business or Blog

Last Updated Dec 05, 2020

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Starting a home business or blog from scratch with little to no experience can seem daunting. But rest assured it’s not as hard as it sounds. Using a free business plan template allows you to outline your plans from start to finish and set your goals straight from day one.

When starting a business you have to think of all angles at once. Your customers, what they want, what they need, how you’re going to find them, how you’re going to show them you’re the best solution to their problems, how you’re going to promote and market your business, and the list goes on.

So where should you start? My suggestion is that you start by following in other’ footsteps who have been successful. You can do this with my free business plan template which I provide in my free email course.

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The Free Business Plan Template Walks You Through:

  1. Drafting a mission statement and goals
  2. Listing your services (monetizing strategy)
  3. Setting your prices
  4. Planning a marketing strategy
  5. Solidifying your plan of action

Three and a half years ago I was afraid to start my home business. But today, I see it for what it is. My business is me.

“Business” is such a scary word, but in reality, a business is simply an entity that exists for the purpose of earning a profit. That entity is you.

So in the end, whether you start as a sole proprietor or DBA (“doing business as”), an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or go straight to INC (Incorporation), it all has to start somewhere – and that somewhere is you.

*Legal notice: I am not a certified business consultant. You must check legal requirements to start a business in your State (if in the USA) or country.

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How To Use Your Simple Business Plan Template

First, sign up for my free email course that walks you through how to start a business from A to Z. Even if you’ve started the process of launching your business already, it never hurts to backtrack to make sure you’ve covered all of the basics.

Second, download a copy of the free simple business plan template that will arrive in my first email. You don’t have to do anything with it today, but you can start to fill it in little by little.

Day 5 of my email course will heavily focus on how to fill in your own business plan. Until then, walk through each email to ensure that your business is started correctly.

You’ll find that this is probably one of the simplest business plan templates you’ll come across because I don’t believe in overcomplicating things.

Whether you’re starting a consulting business or a web design business (or anything in between) the basics of this email course and this free business plan template will help you succeed.

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When Do You Need A Startup Business Plan Template?

Even if you’ve just finished your 1st year of business, you still need to backtrack and create a startup business plan template. It’s so important to map the plan you have for your business.

From mission to goals to promotional methods, if your business is on the verge of failing, you must understand that a proper business plan can help you overcome the struggle.

So let’s get you started on your best year yet and go back to square one for a few days only. The refresher could end up pushing you into a new income bracket sooner than you hoped possible. Why not give it a try?

Free Business Plan Template

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