How to Enter a Referral Code on Cash App for a Bonus

If you’ve downloaded Cash App within the last 14 days, you’ll notice the buzz about a Cash App referral code that offers a $5 bonus.

Rest easy that this offer is legit! You can enter a referral code on Cash App and get up to $15. (I got $10!) But most users will get $5.

If you’re wondering how it works, I’ve mapped out the steps below. It’s easy, and you can have the extra money in the palm of your hand in just a few minutes.

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What Is a Cash Referral Code on Cash App?

The Cash App referral code is a unique strand of letters and numbers assigned to each Cash App user upon registration. The code JSMTBXW will give you a free cash bonus as long as you enter it into the app and use the app within 14 days of signing up.

Click on the button to copy the code then paste it into Cash App to get free money!

The referral code can be shared with friends, family, or others who wish to join the app. For each friend who uses your code and sends at least $5 within 14 days of opening an account, you get a $15 referral bonus. The friend who uses your code also gets a $5 cash bonus. (Bonuses may vary based on current promotions.)

The Cash App referral code JSMTBXW is legitimate and will instantly provide a pending bonus in your Cash App account. As long as you’re within the 14-day window of signing up with the app, you can use the code to get free money now.

5 Easy Steps to Enter a Referral Code on Cash App

Follow along with me to learn how to enter a referral code on Cash App. If you need a code that actually works, feel free to use JSMTBXW. If you’re on a smartphone, I’ve included a handy “click-to-copy” button below!

Click on the button to copy the code then paste it into Cash App to get free money!

Step 1: Download Cash App

Woman viewing Cash App on smartphone

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app to your mobile device. I’ve been using Cash App for quite some time now and I honestly love it! I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me, but after a few weeks, I was hooked.

As a new user, you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number or email address. Make sure you have access to the account or phone because Cash App will send a confirmation code to it. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your name and zip code and then choose a $Cashtag which is a unique word or phrase that friends can use to send you cash.

You can then freely navigate the app and explore all it has to offer (including the option to enter a referral code for a cash bonus).

Step 2: Open Cash App Settings

To enter a referral code on Cash App, open the app and select the person icon on the top right corner of the green default screen. (If you’ve already added an optional profile picture to the app, you’ll see that image instead of a person icon.)

The next screen will show your name, Cashtag, join date, and a list of other settings and documents. Scroll to the bottom to see the green text “Enter Referral Code.” Select that link to enter a Cash App referral code.

Cash App enter referral code

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Step 3: Enter Cash App Referral Code JSMTBXW

You’ll see a dialog box where you can type in a Cash App referral code. If you don’t already have a code, type JSMTBXW into the box and select Next.

Click on the button to copy the code then paste it into Cash App to get free money!

Type a Cash App referral code

Congrats! You’ll now have a pending bonus of $5, $10, or $15 waiting for activation! Stick with me, because there are two more steps in order to activate the bonus. It’s so easy to sign up and get money instantly.

Your Bonus is Waiting Step 4: Link a Bank Account

Linking your bank account allows you to add funds to the app. You’ll need to do this in order to activate the Cash App referral code bonus.

To link your account, open Cash App to the default green screen where you can send and request money. Select the bank icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to view the Banking screen. (If someone has already sent you cash, the icon will be the dollar amount you have in your account instead of a bank icon.)

Scroll to the bottom and select “Link Bank.” You can then easily link your bank by entering your debit card number on the following screen. If you don’t have a debit card, you can still connect your bank by selecting the “No Card?” button and following the prompts.

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Step 5: Send $5

In order to activate the bonus, you’ll need to send a $5 payment to another Cash App user. This can be a friend or family member who either uses the app or wants to start using it.

Once your bank account is linked, open Cash App to the default green screen by selecting the dollar sign (which is the middle icon on the bottom of the screen). In order to activate the referral code bonus, enter at least $5 and select Pay. Then enter a friend or family member’s phone number, email address, or Cashtag and select Pay.

The bonus of $5, $10, or $15 (assigned at random) will now be yours to keep! I got $10 and my husband got $5 for joining.

$10 Cash App bonus on smartphone screen

Bonus Step: Get $15 for Each Friend You Invite

Since you have to send $5 to activate your referral bonus, why not help a friend do the same? That way you can get your $5 back from your friend PLUS a $15 bonus on top of it!

In order to get the bonus, your friend will need to use your Cash App referral code and send $5 back to you. To invite friends, open the app and select the person (or profile picture) icon on the top right of any screen. Select the button that says “Invite Friends, Get $15”

You can either allow Cash App to access your contacts and select the button “Get $15” next to your friends’ names or you can select the share icon at the top of the screen and share your code another way.

Important Tip: Most friends will not join unless you explain the process and give them a helping hand. Send them a personalized text that highlights the benefits that relate to them personally.

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What Will You Do With Your Cash App Referral Bonus?

When I got a $10 bonus for joining Cash App, I used it to invest in Bitcoin for the first time ever! I’ve since used the Cash App Debit Card and earned over $60 in free Bitcoin on top of that initial investment. I’ve also gotten tons of cash discounts at my favorite stores and restaurants!

You can do anything you like with your bonus once it’s activated. You can invest it, spend it using your free Cash App Debit Card, or transfer it to your bank account. It’s yours to keep!

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