Cash App Referral Code for Instant Bonus [2023] NMXPRV7

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably caught wind of the buzz surrounding the Cash App referral code that awards free money.

Most of us are understandably skeptical about the idea of getting cash for free, so I checked out this free referral code for myself, and can attest that it really works. I was lucky to earn $10 during a special promotional period, but the most common bonus is $5.

I’ve laid out the steps to take to enter a referral code on Cash App and get the free money. It’s a simple process, and will give you more cash in your wallet within just a few minutes.

The money you will receive when using a legitimate Cash App referral code is real, and is yours to send to another Cash App user, spend using your free Cash App Visa Card, withdraw at an ATM, or transfer to your bank account.

One of my favorite sites, Swagbucks, offers tons of ways to earn real cash online. If you're not already a member, give it a shot! Here are five things you can do to make easy money on the site:

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  • Answer surveys and polls (quick cash in minutes!)

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What Is the Cash App Referral Code and How Much Does It Pay?

The Cash App referral code is a unique strand of letters assigned to each Cash App user upon registration. This code NMXPRV7 will give you a free cash bonus as soon as you enter it into the app, connect your bank account, and use the app to send at least $5 within 14 days of signing up.

Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

Send your referral code to any friends, acquaintances, or family members who wish to join Cash App. You will receive up to $30 in referral bonuses for each person who uses your free money code and sends at least $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days of opening an account. The person who used your code will also get $5 in cash (bonuses may vary, based on current promotions).

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The Cash App referral code NMXPRV7 is legitimate and will instantly provide a pending bonus in your Cash App account. As long as you’re within the 14-day sign-up window (or you still see the option to enter a code), you can use the code to get free money now.

The quickest way to activate your sign-up bonus is to swap $5 with a friend or family member who also uses Cash App. Use your Cash App code to invite a parent, sibling, or close friend to the app, and get up to $35 for free ($5 for signing up and $30 for inviting a friend).

Get FREE Cash Bonuses with a Cash App Account

Woman smiling looking down at smartphone

  1. Copy the referral code:

  2. Open Cash App settings
  3. Enter the referral code
  4. Swap $5 with a bestie*
  5. Invite friends to join**
  6. Set up a direct deposit***

*Ask a friend or family member to swap $5 with you through Cash App to activate the $5 sign up bonus.

**Get up to $15 for every friend who joins using your referral code.

***Deposits must equal $300+ within a 30 day period to activate the $100 cash Boost.

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5 Easy Steps to Enter a Referral Code on Cash App

Set up the app and then follow these steps to enter a referral code on Cash App.

Step 1: Download Cash App

Download Cash App to your mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. I wasn’t initially sure that Cash App would work well for me, but I’ve been using it for several weeks, and now I’m  hooked.

New users will be prompted to enter a phone number or email address. Use an email account or phone number you can quickly access, because Cash App will send a confirmation code to the one you’ve provided.

Enter your name and zip code, and then choose a unique $Cashtag, which is a unique word or phrase that friends can use to send you cash. Play around with a combination of your name, favorite numbers, or a short phrase that’s easy to remember.

That’s it! Now you will be able to freely navigate the app and explore all it has to offer (including the option to enter a Cash App referral code for a free bonus).

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Step 2: Open Cash App Settings

Open the app and select the person icon on the top right corner of the green home screen (if you’ve already added an optional profile picture to the app, you’ll see that image instead of an avatar).

The next screen will show your name, $Cashtag, join date, and a list of settings and documents. Scroll to the bottom to find the green text “Enter Referral Code.”

If your account doesn’t show that link anymore, you’ve either already entered a referral code, or allowed too much time to pass since you downloaded the app.

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Step 3: Enter Cash App Referral Code

Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

Type NMXPRV7 into the dialog box that has appeared, and select Next.

You will instantly receive a pending bonus of $5 waiting for activation. There are just two more steps you’ll need to take in order to activate the bonus. Cash App makes it easy to sign up and get money instantly.

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Step 4: Link a Bank Account

Link a bank account in order to withdraw from and add funds to your account. This step must be done in order to activate a Cash App referral code bonus.

Head to the default green screen and select the person icon on the top right corner.

Follow the “Linked Banks” option to easily link your bank by entering your debit card number. If you don’t have a debit card, connect your bank by selecting the “No Card?” button and following the prompts.

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Step 5: Swap $5

You will need to send a $5 payment to another Cash App user to activate the bonus and get free Cash App money. This can be a friend or family member who either uses the app or wants to start using it.

If you don’t owe anyone any money, arrange a quick $5 swap with someone you know. Simply shoot your friend a text and ask them to send your money right back to you.

Phone displaying text conversation between friends about Cash App

My husband and I each earned a bonus by swapping $5 within the app.

Open Cash App to the default green screen by selecting the dollar sign (which is the middle icon on the bottom of the screen). Enter at least $5 and select “Pay,” then choose a recipient and again hit “Pay.”

The $5 bonus will now be yours to keep! I received $10 during a special promotional period, and my husband got $5 just for joining.

Where Is the Referral Code on Cash App?

To locate your unique Cash App referral code, open the app and select the person (or profile picture) icon on the top right of any screen. Select the button that says “Invite Friends, Get $15.”

Give Cash App permission to access your contacts, and then select “Get $15” beside a friend’s name. This will generate a text message that includes your Cash App code, which you can then view and save for future sharing.

Another way to find your code is by selecting the share icon at the top right corner of the screen. Copy your referral code to your phone’s clipboard, or share it via email or Facebook Messenger.

You already need to send $5 to activate your referral bonus, so go ahead and help out a friend in the process. You will get your $5 back, plus an additional bonus of up to $15 on top of it. Remember that your friend will need to enter your Cash App referral code and send $5 back to you.

Most people won’t join an app they haven’t used before unless you first explain the process and give them a helping hand. Send your friends and family members a personalized text message that highlights the Cash App benefits that will relate to them personally.

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What Will You Do With Your Cash App Referral Bonus?

I utilized my $10 Cash App signup bonus to invest in Bitcoin for the very first time. Since then, I’ve used my uniquely designed Cash App Debit Card to make online and local purchases, and have earned more than $60 in free Bitcoin on top of my initial investment.

I have also gotten many instant cash Boosts while shopping at my favorite stores and restaurants. These Boosts are completely free, and are meant to align with your regular shopping habits. Simply open the app and select the Boost you’d like to use while you’re waiting in the checkout line.

Thanks to the number of family members who have joined Cash App through my referral code, I have earned more than $200 in free invitation bonuses. My family created a small travel fund for my parents for their birthdays, and most of the money I contributed was free!

Your bonus is yours to do with as you like. You can invest it to make money daily, spend it using your free Cash App Debit Card, or transfer it to your bank account. However you decide to use it, it’s yours to keep.

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Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

Save for later!

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