Dominoes Gold Promo Code for MAX Bonus: APget5

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When I was a kid learning how to play Dominoes with friends and family, I never imagined that this game would become a game that would be available to play in the palms of my hands. From the smooth feel of the Dominoes to the clinking noise they made as they got shuffled around for a new game, it was a game I enjoyed playing then and it is a game I enjoy even today.

For those of you who enjoy being challenged in a mathematical way, you inherently know how fun Dominoes Gold from Skillz Inc. is. If you know anyone else in your circle of friends and family who would enjoy the game as well, now is the time to share a Dominoes Gold promo code with them.

You are likely here so that you can learn how to maximize your own free money potential with the promo code. I will gladly share all the ins and outs of the Dominoes Gold promo code deal. This will help you share and earn to your heart’s content. Learn about the free bonus cash you can get when you play Dominoes Gold for real money.

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What is a Dominoes Gold Promo Code?

Enter the Skillz promo code APget5 and get FREE bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

A Dominoes Gold promo code is made up of a string of carefully selected numbers and letters. Keep in mind that they are case sensitive as well which means you will need to properly capitalize the code to get credit.

When you have a promo code, you are supposed to enter it in the Skillz app to get free money. With a Dominoes Gold promo code, you earn a reward when you deposit cash for the first time, and when you invite others to do the same.

The Dominoes Gold promo code gives you free bonus cash. If this is something you want to take advantage of, you will be happy to know that you can get a free $15 bonus. All you have to do is make two deposits into your Skillz account to qualify. The bonus will be broken up into a $10 payment and then a $5 payment following the second deposit.

The deposits can be as small as $2 each into your Skillz account. You get to keep those deposits, and you can use them to play games that pay real money.

Where Can I Find My Dominoes Gold Promo Code?

New and experienced Dominoes Gold players actually have assigned promo codes from the day they first created a Skillz Inc. account. Your Dominoes Gold promo code is actually the username you created when you started the account.

In order to qualify for a first-time deposit bonus, you have to use someone else’s promo code to set up your account. You can’t use your own promo code. Your promo code is specific to use when referring others to play Dominoes Gold (you can’t refer yourself).

The good news is you can simply use the promo code “APget5” to get the Dominoes Gold bonus cash. Take a peek at other promotions Skillz has going on. Select the side menu in your account and find even more opportunities to make money playing legit cash games.

Enter the Skillz promo code APget5 and get FREE bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.

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How to Use a Dominoes Gold Promo Code to Play for Free

Dominoes Gold graphic

All you have to do to play Dominoes Gold for free is enter the code “APget5,” make two small deposits ($2 deposits qualify), and you will get the $15 Dominoes Gold bonus cash. The next step is to share your own unique promo code with others. Sharing means you can continue earning bonus cash for each player who signs up using your promo code.

Use Dominoes Gold Free Money Promo Code APget5

In your Dominoes Gold app, navigate to the shopping cart icon. You will see an option to “Enter Promo Code”. Type in APget5 and then hit “Done.”

This is the first step in getting $10 for free. Make your first small deposit and get rewarded quickly. The remaining $5 will be rewarded once you’ve made your second deposit. You don’t have to make large deposits; just $2 each time will do.

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Share Your Promo Code to Get Even More Free Money

When you play Skillz games for money, the app does players a solid by not limiting the number of referrals you can make. That means you can refer as many players as you want. You will continue making $15 bonus cash for each person who uses your Dominoes Gold promo code. You will see your $10 bonus as soon as the other person makes their first deposit and then the second reward of $5 after their second deposit.

Tell everyone you know about the opportunity for them to make money with Dominoes Gold. They will receive bonus cash as well. Both you and your referral win in this situation.

Take to social media to share your promo code, start a YouTube channel, or encourage your friends and family to use it for some free Dominoes Gold money.

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What is Bonus Cash on Dominoes Gold?

The definition of the bonus cash might be a little different from what you were expecting. Bonus cash refers to money you can use in the game. It isn’t available to withdraw directly from the app. However, you can use it to play Dominoes Gold and win actual money from it.

As you are playing Dominoes Gold for money, you will have to pay an entry fee into the tournaments or place wagers against yourself playing one-on-one with other players. This fee or wager can come from the bonus cash you have earned from the Dominoes Gold promo code. You can win actual cash or real life prizes when you play.

For your entry fee or wagers, you can pull 10% of your fee from bonus cash and the other 90% from your real cash balance. If you win, the amount that you took from bonus cash will be returned to you. You can then choose to withdraw the rest of your earnings through PayPal, a physical check, or a refund to your original deposit method.

However, it is best to withdraw your money with the full knowledge that once you make the withdrawal request, any bonus cash left over will be forfeited.

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Bonus Cash Example

Woman playing dominoes on a smartphone

Let me break this down for you in a Dominoes Gold bonus cash example so that you understand fully what it means to play Dominoes Gold for money. If you make your first small deposit of $2 into your Skillz Inc. account, then you will get your $10 bonus. Now, you have $12 to start playing Dominoes Gold competitively.

If you want to put $0.60 towards your entry fee or wager to play against others, $0.06 will be taken from bonus cash and $0.54 will be taken from your real cash balance. When you win, your new balance will then be $12.40. Of that $12.40, $10 will be the bonus cash and the other $2.40 will be real cash.

During the game, if the $2 real cash is exhausted, you can still keep playing using real money each round with 100% bonus cash. You will need to win the next round in order to have cash added to your account.

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Playing with Dominoes Gold Free Money Can Be Financially Rewarding

Dominoes Gold is a fun game to play for real money while also earning bonus cash. It is a nostalgic game that needs to be shared with others. The more you share your promo code to play Dominoes Gold, the more you will earn. Increase your real cash-earning potential by entering into competitions frequently and paying the fee with bonus cash.

There is no guarantee that you will win the games that you enter. But that goes for anything in life. This makes the free bonus cash worth it because you aren’t having to continually use your own money to pay for those entry fees or wagers.

Play your favorite game in the palm of your hands and get paid for doing something you enjoy. Start doing exactly that with the APget5 promo code. Make this a side hustle or just something you like to do in your spare time. Dominoes Gold can keep your mind sharp and your wallet fuller.

Enter the Skillz promo code APget5 and get FREE bonus cash with your first $5+ deposit.

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