10 Legit Cash Survey Apps to Earn Money Instantly

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Cash App is widely known as being a great option for sending and receiving money. There are even a plethora of ways in which you can get free money with it. Unfortunately, taking Cash App surveys isn’t one of them – but I have plenty of suggestions for legitimate survey sites to join instead!

I still suggest that you download Cash App to use for its intended purpose. Use a free money code, send at least $5 to a friend or family member, and earn a free cash bonus. You will receive an additional $5 to $15 for each friend you refer to the app.

Get FREE Cash Bonuses with a Cash App Account

Woman smiling looking down at smartphone

  1. Copy the referral code:

  2. Open Cash App settings
  3. Enter the referral code
  4. Swap $5 with a bestie*
  5. Invite friends to join**
  6. Set up a direct deposit***

*Ask a friend or family member to swap $5 with you through Cash App to activate the $5 sign up bonus.

**Get up to $15 for every friend who joins using your referral code.

***Deposits must equal $300+ within a 30 day period to activate the $100 cash Boost.

Despite the usefulness of Cash App itself, the internet is full of sketchy offers that claim to send money through the app upon completion of a survey. While some of these sound legitimate, they require users to complete several steps that I don’t believe are worth the trouble.

One of my favorite sites, Swagbucks, offers tons of ways to earn real cash online. If you're not already a member, give it a shot! Here are five things you can do to make easy money on the site:

  • Play games (up to $322 each)
  • Test apps (up to $150 each)
  • Submit receipts (easy cash)
  • Shop at your favorite stores (up to 10% back)
  • Answer surveys and polls (quick cash in minutes!)

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Is the $750 Cash App Survey Legit?

You may have come across the offer of a $750 reward through Cash App, given when you complete 10 deals. Many sites will present this offering as a “Cash App survey for money,” but trust me when I say it’s never as simple as just taking a survey and earning $750.

Some Reddit members have claimed that this deal works, so I thought about testing these alleged Cash App surveys myself. Instead, I kept digging to find out what’s really required in order to earn the offered reward.

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A few things that convinced me not to try the $750 Cash App reward offer:

  • You have to complete 10 offers to earn $750, and some of them require payment (even if you complete nine out of the 10 offers, you won’t get paid).
  • The standard process requires a good bit of your personal information (and you can’t lie or omit information, or the company will not pay you).
  • There is a high number of complaints listed on the Better Business Bureau (it appears that the company does respond to and resolve each complaint).
  • You’ll need to provide a copy of your driver’s license to get paid (the company claims it uses your ID to verify that you are a United States citizen, at least 18 years old, and are who you say you are).
  • The company sells your information to its partners for marketing purposes (ever heard of robocalls? If you hate them, you’ll want to run from this offer. To proceed, you’ll need to agree to receive marketing calls to your cell phone).

I’ve completed my fair share of sketchy-seeming offers that turned out to be legit, but this one just didn’t sit right with me.

Is a $750 Cash App survey legit? Some of the companies that offer this reward are legitimate, but that doesn’t mean the process is above board. These companies require each “winner” to follow the instructions to a T; one slip up, and the reward is forfeited. I’ve also read that some winners don’t receive their reward through Cash App at all. Instead, they are given a gift card of equal value (which defeats the purpose of the offer’s being a “Cash App survey”).

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What Surveys Pay Through Cash App?

Unfortunately, there are no paid survey sites that pay directly to Cash App, because this platform doesn’t receive funds in the same way as other payment services like PayPal.

The only way to fund a Cash App account is to link a bank account, earn invitation bonuses for referring friends, or request/receive money from other Cash App users. If this app isn’t available in your country, there are a few Cash App alternatives worth considering instead.

Most survey sites compensate their members with free Visa gift cards, store gift cards, or PayPal cash. If you want your funds paid out via Cash App, the money will need to be transferred to your bank account and then sent to your Cash App. It’s the only roundabout way to take surveys for Cash App money.

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10 Legit Cash Surveys for Money

young woman holding smartphone

Although there are no surveys that send money to Cash App, there are some that pay cash instantly via PayPal or Visa cash gift cards.

1. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars logo

InboxDollars is one of my favorite survey sites. Receive a $5 bonus just for signing up, and cash out your earnings as soon as you reach $10.

This site pays you real money to play games, search the web, watch videos, and complete free and paid offers that align with your shopping habits. I’ve personally earned up to $50 at a time by completing offers like signing up with trusted partnering sites, although this scenario is fairly uncommon.

Since InboxDollars offers a PayPal cashout option, you can quickly send your earnings to the bank account linked to your Cash App.

Read more about the company in my full InboxDollars review.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo

Swagbucks members earn SBs for taking surveys. The amount of SBs you earn per survey will vary based on its topic and length. Sign up for a free account to start participating immediately.

Receive a $10 bonus just for creating your Swagbucks account, and then earn money for completing surveys. Exchange your SBs for cash rewards.

Learn if Swagbucks is right for you based on my complete review.

3. Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a top-rated site that pays members to take surveys. Cash out via PayPal and then transfer your earnings to a bank account. The initial screening will help match you with surveys that are perfect for you, and you can get paid to answer questions about products and services you already use.

Learn more about how it works in my Opinion Outpost review.

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4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research logo

As one of the most exclusive survey sites, Pinecone Research it boasts $3 payments per completed survey. This can add up quickly, especially if you stick to completing the shorter surveys. Cash out your earnings at any time via PayPal.

Learn more from my review of Pinecone Research.

5. Branded Surveys

Branded surveys logo

Earn money by taking surveys through Branded Surveys; all you need is a PayPal login and bank account to seal the deal. This company only accepts applicants who live in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., so if you don’t reside in one of these countries, check out my list of global paid survey sites.

Learn more in my complete review of Branded Surveys.

KashKick is a great find for gig workers, offering many ways to make extra money doing what you enjoy. Try it out - it's free! Here are five easy ways to start earning money on the site:

  • Play games (up to $125 each)
  • Test apps (up to $125 each)
  • Buy lottery tickets (an easy $8)
  • Try popular brands (always changing)
  • Answer surveys (quick cash in minutes!)

6. SurveyClub

SurveyClub logo

Become a Survey Club member for free to find out more about paid research opportunities in your area. Participants in online surveys can cash out their winnings via PayPal, and then transfer those funds to any bank account. Other ways to earn money include participating in private panels, paid focus groups, clinical trials, in-home use tests, online bulletin boards, taste tests, and mystery shopping studies.

I covered the complete details in my SurveyClub review.

7. LifePoints

Lifepoints logo

LifePoints pays members to share their opinions through cash surveys that help with the creation of future products and services. This site values its members’ opinions, and awards LPs for every completed survey.

As a bonus, LifePoints will add 2,500 LPs to your account just for joining. Test out products, leave feedback about brands, and then turn your LPs into rewards. Earnings can be redeemed for a PayPal deposit, which can later be used to fund your Cash App account.

For more information, check out my complete LifePoints review.

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8. MyPoints

MyPoints logo

Earn cash by taking MyPoints surveys, including discussing your experiences shopping with a variety of stores and brands. You will be rewarded for your time by receiving points added to your account.

Create a new MyPoints and receive a free $10 bonus. Turn your points into money by redeeming them for a PayPal deposit or gift card.

Learn more in my complete review of MyPoints.

9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie logo

Survey Junkie is a hub for those interested in sharing their opinions through online surveys. Take as many many cash surveys as you want, and get rewarded with points for each one you complete. In addition, if you allow Survey Junkie to research your digital browsing behaviors, you can qualify for even more exclusive survey opportunities.

Companies like Survey Junkie provide users with the opportunity to earn money by taking surveys right from their phones. Transfer your earnings to your bank account, and then route the funds to your Cash App.

Read further details in my Survey Junkie review.

10. The Drop App

Dropp app logo

Drop app offers a variety of opportunities to earn cash through surveys. Simply choose from the list of available offerings and complete them for points that you can cash out via a PayPal deposit, or choose from a variety of gift cards. I explained more about this app in my full Drop review.

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Join Cash Survey Apps to Earn More Money

While you may not be able to take surveys that send money directly to Cash App, you can still earn money by taking surveys. You’ll just have to be willing to receive Visa or PayPal cash to use as you please.

I like to take surveys to earn some extra pocket money, and then I use those funds to buy coffee or pay for a date night. That “fun” money can really come in handy, so try one or more of these paid survey apps today!

Save for later!

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