25 Cash App Boosts to Earn Free Bitcoin, Stocks, and Cash

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When something sounds too good to be true, I am diligent about doing my research on it before pursuing it. So when I heard about Cash App Boosts that would help me keep more of my money in my pocket, I knew it was something I needed to look into.

Cash App is easily becoming one of the top money apps available today. It does everything the other money apps do such as transferring between account holders and allowing you to use your account to shop. But it doesn’t stop there. Cash App offers stock investment options, Bitcoin, and cash Boosts for Cash Card holders.

If you have yet to use the app, make sure to download it and enter a Cash App referral code for your first free cash bonus. New members are eligible for the bonus as long as they use the app to send at least $5 within 14 days of opening an account.

Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

It’s easy to set up Cash App on your phone and use it to shop online or in person while on the go. If you can get behind something like this and desire to learn how your money can work for you instead of against you, keep reading. This list of Cash App Boost hacks is life-changing and will have you considering all the ways you can start spending with intention instead of losing out.

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What Are Cash App Boosts and How Do They Work?

Cash App Boosts are free offers that pay in cash, Bitcoin, or stocks when you use the Cash App Card to shop at eligible merchants. The offers usually pay between 5% and 15% of your total purchases, with a total savings cap on each use.

Boosts are one of the best ways to get free money on Cash App. In order to participate, you need to have a Cash App account and order a free Cash Card that links to your account. Then, load your Cash App Card with money and start accepting the Boosts from the current Cash App Boost list.

On that list, select the Boost you want to have added to your card and then save it. Your selected Boost will be applied to your eligible purchases. These purchases can be from coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses. The Boosts are designed to save you money instantly with automatically applied discounts.

Some Boosts expire and you can only use one Boost at a time. However, you can swap Boosts from the mobile app whenever you desire. I just grab my phone while waiting in the checkout or drive-thru line and select the Cash App Boost that will give me the highest cash discount or Bitcoin investment for the purchase I’m about to make.

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Cash App Boosts to Earn Instant Cash Discounts

Instead of spending money, submitting physical receipts, and then getting tiny amounts of cash back days later, the Boosts listed below significantly lower your purchase payment amount immediately. There is no delay in receiving your benefits from this list of Cash App Boosts.

1. Any Grocery Store

Make your purchase online or in-store at any grocery store using the Cash Card. Keep in mind, this Boost does not work in places like Walmart or Target according to Cash App’s help documents. However, I’ve received the discount when purchasing groceries using the Walmart Grocery app, as long as I only purchase grocery items. (Sometimes I add additional items outside of the grocery department and the Boost fails to work.)

You can receive 10% off one purchase of up to $75. There is a minimum purchase amount of $1.50 and a maximum discount of $7.50.

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2. Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous coffee shop where you can buy a variety of coffee beverages and baked goods. This Boost is good for 15% off one order of up to $50. You must make a purchase of at least $1.50. The maximum discount you can receive is $7.50.

3. $100 Off Any One Purchase

This Boost is available for $100 off any purchase only if you have a direct deposit of $300 or more in your Cash App account. The offer can only be used one time. Make sure your order totals at least $100 in order to take advantage of the full Boost!

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4. Burger King

Burger King is a trusted burger fast food place that has been around for decades with famous signature sandwiches like The Whopper. This Boost allows you to receive 5% off each Burger King order with a minimum purchase of $1.50 and a maximum discount of $7.50. That covers an entire order of up to $150!

5. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a well-known store where people can buy things they need in bulk. It sells things like groceries, clothing, home décor, gardening, and much more. This Boost offers a 5% discount on each online purchase and can be used every day. The minimum purchase amount is $1.50 and the maximum discount is $20. Any dollar amount over $400 will not be discounted, so if possible, always try to split large orders across multiple days so that you can take advantage of each Cash Boost.

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6. DoorDash

DoorDash is a delivery service that picks up a customer’s order from restaurants and other food establishments and delivers the food to the customer’s place of choice.

One of the DoorDash Boosts includes a 10% discount on each order, and the minimum purchase amount is $2. The discount covers up to a $50 order. Your orders can be pricier, of course, but they will not be discounted more than a maximum of $5.

The second DoorDash Boost includes a $5 discount off one order, but you can only unlock this Boost if you have already made at least three purchases on DoorDash already. There is a minimum purchase amount of $5 for this Boost.

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7. Twitch

Twitch is an app you can use to stream videos and interact while playing games. Many members join Twitch to stream their gameplay. You can receive 50% off one purchase with the Twitch Boost. The minimum purchase amount is $1 and the maximum discount is $15 which means that the full discount works on purchases of $30 or less. Any additional payment above $30 will simply not be discounted.

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8. Popeyes

Popeyes is a popular fast food restaurant that is known for Louisiana-style chicken. It is easily found on the east coast of the United States, but it is spreading out to be more available in the central states.

The Popeyes Boost includes 15% off one order with a minimum purchase amount of $1.50 and a maximum discount of $7.50. Orders totaling as much as $50 will be fully discounted.

9. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is a convenience store typically associated with a gas station. You can quickly go into the store to grab everyday necessities without the hassle of having to go to a full grocery store.

The 7-Eleven Boost offers 15% off one purchase. The minimum purchase amount is $1.50 with a maximum discount of $7.50, which equates to a maximum purchase of $50.

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10. Playstation Network

PlayStation is a popular, well-known video gaming network. You can find PlayStation games for consoles as well as games on your smartphones and tablets.

The first Boost offers a 5% discount on one purchase with a minimum purchase amount of $1.50 and a maximum discount of $5. The second Boost offers a 15% discount with a minimum purchase of $1.50 and a $5 maximum discount.

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11. Xbox

Xbox is a Microsoft-owned video game company. It produces high quality video gaming experiences with a variety of games, consoles, and other accessories for users. This Boost includes 15% off one purchase with a minimum purchase amount of $1.50 and a maximum discount of $5. Since the discount only works on the first $33.33 of each order, it would be great to use for small gaming accessories or your monthly Xbox Live subscription.

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12. GOAT

GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Time” and is an online marketplace specific to sneakers and relevant apparel. This Cash App Boost hack offers a 5% discount on one order. The minimum purchase amount is $5 with a maximum discount of $15. This means that the first $300 of any order will be included in the discount.

13. Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is a store that is dedicated to selling quality mattresses for any and all needs. The Mattress Firm Boost offers a 5% discount on in-store purchases with a minimum purchase amount of $1.50. The maximum discount is $300 which means that any order of up to $10,000 will be discounted.

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14. Flight Club

Flight Club is a high-end online shoe marketplace. The Boost allows users to receive 5% off one order with a minimum purchase amount of $5 and a maximum discount of $15. This covers up to $300 on all orders.

15. Lyft

Lyft is a rideshare service that has been around for years helping people get from point A to point B like a taxi. However, it is easier to get a Lyft than an actual taxi which makes this service more in-demand.

You can ask for a Lyft for short trips to the store or longer trips to the airport. Depending on your traveling needs, Lyft can help you. The current Cash App Boost for Lyft includes up to 8% off of ride services with a maximum discount of $5. There is a minimum purchase amount of $1.50.

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16. Instacart

Instacart is a grocery shopping and delivery service–one of the best delivery driver apps available. Customers can place an order on the app and an Instacart shopper will pull the items for them at the store. It’s like a personalized shopper for groceries. Then, the groceries are delivered right to your door.

Cash App currently offers an Instacart Boost that includes $20 off of one order with a minimum purchase amount of $5.

17. Vudu

Vudu is a video on demand company that offers free and paid video content. You can watch shows and movies on several devices like your Xbox, tablet, smartphone, TV, and even virtual devices. You can find shows and movies for all ages.

The Vudu Boost on Cash App includes 5% off of one online purchase. There is a minimum purchase amount of $1 and a maximum discount of $50.

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18. Little Caesars

Little Caesars is a pizza company that makes pizzas hot and ready to go. No need to order ahead of time and wait for your order. You can go into a Little Caesars and just ask for what you want and it will typically be available quickly. Every pizza ingredient is advertised to be fresh.

Little Caesars is available in the Cash App Boosts. Currently, you can get up to 6% off of each purchase. The minimum purchase amount is at least $1. The maximum discount is $10 and you can use the Boost every 24 hours.

19. Albertsons

Albertsons is a grocery company that offers many grocery products and even delivery. You can choose to shop in-stores for your grocery needs or order online to have them delivered to your doorstep.

The Albertsons Cash App Boost includes 5% off each purchase you make. There is a minimum purchase amount of at least $5 with a maximum discount of $10. This Boost is available to use every 24 hours.

20. Adidas

Adidas is a famous footwear and activewear company. Throughout the decades that it has been in business, Adidas has proven to provide comfortable athletic wear to men, women, and children. It promotes healthy living through active and encouraging outerwear.

The current Adidas Boost can actually be used once per hour. It includes 5% off 10 online purchases. Your purchase must total at least $1. The maximum discount you can receive is $75.

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21. Dell.com

Dell is a trusted computer and tech company that has been evolving with all the technical advances made each year. Dell products are highly sought after considering their quality products and up-to-date devices.

With the Dell Boost, you can receive 5% off each purchase as long as you make a minimum $5 purchase. The maximum discount you can receive is $75 and this Boost can be used every 24 hours.

22. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a large chain fast food restaurant that serves Mexican-style food. It is a favorite among many and offers food for any time of the day, even for the late-night munchies. You can even get your coffee with your breakfast order in the mornings.

All of this variety makes the Taco Bell Boost that much more appealing. Get 5% off of your purchase with a minimum purchase amount of $1.50. The maximum discount is up to $5.

23. Domino’s

One of the biggest pizza companies out there, Domino’s is a family favorite when it comes to making delicious pizza pies. For a fun family night in or for a time when you just don’t feel like cooking, Domino’s is the perfect choice.

Get 5% off your Domino’s when you activate the Cash App Boost. The minimum purchase amount is $1.50 and the maximum discount is $3.

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Cash App Boosts to Earn Bitcoin

This list of Cash App Boosts includes opportunities for users to get instant Bitcoin investment credit. If investing is something that interests you, you’ll love the following Boosts. After using Cash App for five months, I had earned more than $125 in Bitcoin.

24. Any Coffee Shop

This “any coffee shop” Boost is great for Bitcoin rewards. You can get 10% of your purchase worth of Bitcoin. The minimum purchase amount is $1.50 and you can earn a maximum of $7.50 in Bitcoin.

25. Any Restaurant

Using the “any restaurant” Boost, you can get more Bitcoin credit added to your account. You can get up to 10% worth of Bitcoin for any purchase you make at a restaurant. There needs to be a minimum of $1.50 purchased and a maximum of $7.50 worth of Bitcoin earned.

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Cash App Boosts to Earn Stocks

Sometimes there are Cash App Boosts that offer instant stock investment credit. Keep an eye out for them to pop up on the list as there are currently none available.

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Cash App Boosts FAQ

Learn even more about the popular Cash App Boosts with the following questions people are asking.

Is it free to use Cash App Boosts?

Cash App does not charge for the Boost feature. As long as you meet the purchase minimum amounts and use your free Cash Card, you qualify to use the feature without added cost.

How often do Cash App Boosts change?

There is no set time frame when Boosts change. You can bet that every few days there will be a change to the list. You can swap Boosts as often as needed.

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Do Cash App Boosts expire?

Cash Apps Boosts disappear after you use them or when the expiration date arrives, which you can see on the Boost.

Some of my favorite Boosts like those that can be used at any grocery store, coffee shop, or restaurant can only be used one time each week. But then they renew for the following week! It works out great since my family grocery shops once each week and tries to stick to eating out only once or twice per week.

Do Cash App Boosts get worse over time?

It is possible that Cash App limits certain Boosts the more you use them. For example, I’ve seen a Walmart Boost a few times, but it stopped returning after I used it about three times.

Are there any travel Cash App Boosts?

There are travel Boosts such as when you buy coffee or eat out while away from home. You can also gas up at a 7-Eleven during a road trip and earn Cash App Boosts.

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How to Get More Cash App Boosts and Make the Most of Them

There are many ways to keep more money in your pocket using apps like Cash App. With Boosts, you not only get immediate discounts and savings on your purchases, but you can also earn investment stocks and Bitcoin. These are great features to use toward securing your financial future.

If Bitcoin and Stock Boosts aren’t showing up for you, consider investing a small amount of money that you save with Cash App Boosts into the stock market and Bitcoin using the app. It may activate more options to earn free Bitcoin and stocks on top of the cash discount Boosts.

I started a Bitcoin wallet and Stock brokerage account on Cash App by investing just $10 of my own. After my Boost earnings took off, I pulled the $10 of my own money out and left my bonuses invested to see how much they grow!

Bitcoin can be incorporated into your everyday life just by making regular purchases you would make regardless of discounts. It’s easy to get paid to eat, grab a coffee, and do the weekly grocery run.

Cash App Boosts come and go all the time. The best way to keep up with the current options is to download the app and check it when you plan to spend money. Simply enjoy the present while saving for the future.

Use Cash App free money code NMXPRV7 to get an INSTANT cash bonus! Just swap $5 with a friend through the app to qualify.

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