• How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

    Pinterest Traffic Tip from a Pro The Pay At Home Parent presents Saranya Ramanathan, a career blogger at One Fine Wallet. In this guest post, Saranya shares exactly how to fix your pin images in order to garner amazing Pinterest traffic. As a beginner blogger, Pinterest seems like the perfect platform for blog traffic. And rightly so. When I started my blog back in March 2018, I was able to reach over 6,000 pageviews in

  • How to Research Competition

    How to Research Competition and Find The Best High-Traffic Post Topics The Pay At Home Parent presents Alvern, a blogger and podcaster at Success Unscrambled. In this guest post, Alvern shares exactly how to research competition to find low competition keywords and high traffic generating topics. Never in a million years would I have thought that DIY bloggers would be raking in so much traffic. I started this project a few months ago because I

  • Guest Blogging

    Your blog’s SEO still relies on backlinks; even those acquired by guest blogging. Learn everything about guest blogging: who to guest post for, when to guest blog, where to submit a guest post and much more! What is Guest Blogging? Guest blogging is when you submit a high-quality piece for a popular blogger to post on their site. Some guest blogging opportunities pay for your work, while others do not. Whether you guest blog for

  • Blogging Investments: Essentials, Courses, Ebooks, Products, Services

    Blogging Resources and Investments Certain necessary blog investments come before earning your first bit of blogging income. And these expenditures are just that: investments. You spend money on a blogging product or service with the understanding that it should make you more money in the future. When I first started The Pay At Home Parent, my frugal-self swore to spend as little money as possible. While there is nothing particularly wrong with this frugal mentality, it

  • Blogging Tips For Beginners

    Because blogging has evolved with the ever-changing world wide web, it’s important to keep up with the best blogging tips for beginners and pros alike. After surveying hundreds of everyday bloggers like you and me, I put together this list of blogging tips to help you prioritize, learn and succeed on your blogging journey. Blogging For Beginners There are bloggers earning anywhere from $0 to $1 Million or more per month. It takes time, dedication and

  • How To Choose A Niche

    I see this among new bloggers and business owners all the time. They enter the world of online business or blogging and choose a niche that they know nothing about. Why? Because they’re thinking of the money they could make and not the knowledge they can give away for free. Wait, what? Did I really just say “… instead of the knowledge they can give away for free”? Yes. New online business owners and bloggers will have a nearly