• Blogging Tips For Beginners

    Because blogging has evolved with the ever-changing world wide web, it’s important to keep up with the best blogging tips for beginners and pros alike. After surveying hundreds of everyday bloggers like you and me, I put together this list of blogging tips to help you prioritize, learn and succeed on your blogging journey. Blogging For Beginners There are bloggers earning anywhere from $0 to $1 Million or more per month. It takes time, dedication and

  • How To Choose A Niche

    I see this among new bloggers and business owners all the time. They enter the world of online business or blogging and choose a niche that they know nothing about. Why? Because they’re thinking of the money they could make and not the knowledge they can give away for free. Wait, what? Did I really just say “… instead of the knowledge they can give away for free”? Yes. New online business owners and bloggers will have a nearly

  • Promote Your Business

    Starting a $50,000+/year business is simple, but promoting your business successfully can be a challenge. That’s why I’m sharing how to promote your business so that your revenue and income can grow exponentially. Whether your business is online, local or both, most of these methods listed will work for you. The first secret to promoting your business successfully is to choose one to three methods to start. If you try to promote your business using

  • Start a blog

    In the next few minutes, I will walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to start a blog on WordPress. Whether you’re aspiring to be a hobby blogger, a side cash blogger, or a quit your day job and make big bucks blogger, then you’ve come to the right place! Using my tutorial to start a blog on WordPress, you can have your blog set up and ready to go in less

  • Increase Website Traffic Free

    Let’s talk about my simple 13 step plan to increase website traffic free. I’m sharing this method with you to help you get traffic to your website for free using search engine optimization (SEO). Understanding and implementing SEO will not guarantee you instant website traffic, but it will give you stable free website traffic that will grow as time progresses. What Is SEO? If you are unsure what SEO really is, here is a simple

  • affiliate marketing examples

    Five successful bloggers share affiliate marketing examples that help them make money from their blogging website. Bloggers have proven themselves time and time again showing that it absolutely is possible to make money from a blog by following the best affiliate marketing blog example. Though it’s true that you don’t even have to have a blog to successfully make money writing from home. In fact, there are so many ideas for home-based businesses and side hustles