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blogging tips and secrets to successBecause blogging has evolved with the ever-changing world wide web, it’s important to keep up with the best blogging tips for beginners and pros alike.

After surveying hundreds of everyday bloggers like you and me, I put together this list of blogging tips to help you prioritize, learn and succeed on your blogging journey.

Don’t expect to make money from your blog without putting in the time like everyone else. We were all new at one point and had to start from square one. If you can set aside your doubts and open your mind, then these blogging tips might be just what you need to finally succeed.

Blogging For Beginners

There are bloggers earning anywhere from $0 to $1 Million or more per month. It takes time, dedication and a bit of trial and error to run a successful blog. Popular blogs making more than $50,000 per month started at $0 just like you and me.

If you have yet to create your own blog or you’re still learning the basics, you can start here:

  1. How to start a blog on WordPress
  2. How to choose a niche
  3. How to write a blog post
  4. How to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing
  5. How to rank your blog on Google with SEO
  6. How to promote your blog
  7. How to increase traffic to your blog

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    24 Blogging Tips From Fellow Bloggers

    Without further ado, let’s get to the blogging tips that these bloggers are excited to share with you and me! Use these secrets and tips to help you grow your blog and crush your goals in 2020.

    1. Make Google Search Console your best friend

    Debbie Gartner @ The Flooring Girl: There is a goldmine of information in Google Search Console. You can see which keywords your articles are ranking for and the impressions and clickthrough rate along with rankings, so it can be laser-focused on which articles to focus on and how to take actionable steps. And, you can see other areas that get a lot of impressions for new topic ideas. I’ve generated several topic ideas this way, and they now rank on Page 1. In addition, you can find (and fix) broken links and you can submit your updated articles to Google for faster reindexing.

    2. Prioritize and grow your email list

    Jeanette @ Craftwhack: This is one that everyone probably knows, but bears repeating: make it a priority to grow an email list! You own that list and control what you send out to your readers, so you don’t have to stress (as much) about social media algorithms.

    3. We are all problem solvers at heart

    Laura @ Lalymom: In solving problems for your readers think of the whole user experience. Researching before you buy something, buying it, first time using it, ways to use it, how to get the most of it, mistakes to avoid all the way to advanced level topics.

    4. Make sure to offer lasting value for your readers

    Natasha @ The Artisan Life: Write posts that solve readers’ problems and answer their questions. I used to do things like post a cute animal photo each week with virtually no text. They received comments from friends in that same week but had absolutely no lasting value. Keep things like that where they belong – on social media.

    5. Don’t buy courses without doing your research

    Christine @ Tapped Out Travellers: When reading blogging course recommendations, understand the creator’s history with the topic, their motivation for creating the content and if there is contradictory evidence from other “experts.”

    6. Be the answer

    Thassia @ Meraki Mother: Be the complete answer to whatever problem your post is solving (if you don’t know what reader’s problem your post is solving then start from there). Make sure that when someone lands in your post with that one particular problem they will not need to go anywhere else to find the rest of the answer.

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      7. Don’t work on 10 things at the same time to improve your blog

      Afra Said @ Through Mama’s Eyes: Decide on a goal and create actionable steps that will lead you there. When trying to improve your blog whether it’s working on creating content, increasing traffic, fixing SEO, Pinterest, building email lists etc, decide what is most important at that particular time. If you try to work on everything at the same time you may end up setting yourself back and losing some of your gains and leading yourself to disappointment or burnout. I ended up doing this and while I built up great content I fell back on my Pinterest game and lost an average of about 300-400 PV’s per day because I was trying to do so many things at once!

      8. Invest in an affordable keyword research tool early on

      Kate @ My Sweet Home Life: I have so many posts that will never rank on Google but could have ranked if I had been more intentional about using keywords. I personally use and recommend Keysearch. It’s $10 per month compared to others priced at $99 a month.

      9. Don’t choose your hosting based only on price

      Olga Balasa @ Ageberry: When it comes to great hosting, availability and support are very important especially if you have limited technical knowledge. When things go wrong, and they will, you will need help or your blog will be down for hours or even days. I am speaking from experience.

      10. Link to new blog posts in old, relevant blog posts immediately

      Brenda @ Paper Heart Family: This is how I do it. Let’s say that I write a post on “increasing breast milk supply”. Then I go to my blog post list in WordPress and in the search bar, I search for “milk supply”. This will give me all of my blog posts that mention the topic and I can quickly and easily add that internal link!

      11. Monetize your blog from day 1

      Michelle @ My Purse Strings: I launched my blog with 3 posts and monetized them from the beginning with Amazon links. To this day, one of those posts continues to bring the most eyeballs and the most income to my site. Had I not monetized from the beginning, I would have lost out.

      12. Always do A/B testing on everything

      Boryana Stefanova @ Cash Embrace: And I mean – everything: opt-in forms, headlines, strategies, etc. When you feel like something is not working, try something new until it does work!

      13. Study the best

      Inspiring Mom Life: I have made sure to study the best of the best. What are they doing that I love so much? How do they market their posts? What content are they producing? What makes these successful bloggers so special?

      By studying the best, I have worked out what standard I’m always aiming to achieve. Remember, these other bloggers were once upon a time also newbies – they had to start from scratch just like I did.

      Most of them have been blogging a lot longer than I have, which has encouraged in me a sense of patience and persistence.

      And if some bloggers have achieved their success sooner rather than later I ask myself: what did they do that was different? What helped accelerate their blogging success?

      Keep asking yourself these questions and studying the best of the best. Write a list of your top 50 competitors and look to them for inspiration and guidance. If you need a push or a shove, they are the ones you want to work to be better than.

      14. Batch like tasks together

      Shawna @ Stress Less Be Healthy: When preparing to write a batch of posts, first brainstorm, then do all of the outlines, then simply write the posts, then do all SEO/keyword research, then all graphics/ pins, etc. Do this with all of your blogging tasks, it saves loads of time and your brain doesn’t have to work as hard switching tasks as often.

      15. Don’t get too caught up in blogging courses and ebooks

      Keyona @ Professional Momma: Don’t get caught up in buying every course or ebook that claims it will make your blog money. Instead, do your research on the blogger and find out if others have had success with their product. Then, wait until Black Friday to make your purchase as there will more than likely be a significant sale. You could also just wait until the genius blogger toolkit comes out which includes tons of value for one low price.

       This mom makes $50,000 per year and teaches how in her free 9-day email course! Signup to learn more.

        16. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers

        Myrtle Marie @ DIY with my Guy: When first starting out blogging, don’t compare yourself to other well-known bloggers. Remember everyone started at ground zero. You will see progress, but all good things come with time. Stay motivated and just keep typing.

        17. Create systems that help you stay organized and save time

        Adriana @ Mapping A Better Life: Create a checklist of things you do immediately after publishing each blog post, this way you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Here’s my checklist: link to your new blog post from 2 or 3 older posts, share on Pinterest, add to Tribes and schedule on Tailwind, share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and email your list. This will give your new post a boost and a chance to be seen right away.

        18. Invest in your blog

        Pearl @ Stashing Coins: Invest some money in your blog through courses, consultations and services like Pinterest help, affiliate marketing, how to optimize SEO, etc. You save a lot of time learning from the people who know their way around instead of trying to wing it.

        19. Set attainable goals (write them down and work toward them)

        Rachael @ The Crafty Baking Nurse: I started my blog in the middle of 2018 with big dreams. Slowly but surely I let life happen and the blog got pushed back. I bought a bullet journal for 2019 and made 2 pages of attainable blog goals for each month of 2019. It is already motivating me to work harder on my blog and gives me a schedule so I know what to do/write and when.

        20. Check your blog on different devices

        Jacqueline @ Mom Money Map: If it’s possible, check your blog it at least once on multiple types of tablets and phones. I was surprised to notice that your blog can look different on two different types of tablets (e.g. iPad vs. Samsung tablet).

        21. Search for long tail keywords that you have a possibility of ranking

        Kristin @ Kristin Cooking: I am brand new to the blogging world and my site has only been active for a little over three weeks. I have been working on SEO from the start and I have a post that is currently ranking on the second page of Google and is the third image for a targeted long tail keyword. Although the search volume is low, this is a small win. As the site grows, higher volume keywords can be targeted.

        22. Get people on your email list by offering something for free

        Brittney @ Make Save Spend Give: You can start an email list for free using MailerLite or MailChimp – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one! You can get people to sign up to your mail list by offering them something for free (like a checklist of tips, or a mini-course).

        HelloBar is a great tool you can use to get people to sign up. You can use it for free and it places a top bar on your website and you can use it to create a fullscreen popup that will appear when someone is leaving your website.

        You can also create a landing page for your freebie and promote it on Pinterest (who says all pins have to go directly to your website!).

        Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to start your email list, even if you aren’t ready to sell a product, just having a group of people interested in your content or people you can ask questions (like what you should write about next) is so valuable!

        23. Adopt a “progress, not perfection” mindset at the beginning of your blogging journey

        Stephanie @ Healthy, Savvy & Wise: Many new bloggers suffer from fear, overwhelm, or lack of confidence when putting their content out there.  Do your best work, do the research, write for your readers…but, most of all, hit PUBLISH! An imperfectly published piece of content is better than a perfectly unpublished piece.

        24. Blog about a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about

        Bri @ Frugal Minimalist Kitchen: Being knowledgeable about your topic allows you to teach your readers about it. It also helps ensure you don’t run out of things to write about because you already know a lot about the topic! Being passionate about it helps keep you motivated to keep going through the tough times and also adds a spark to your writing that is hard to fake.

        Successful Blogging Tips For A Better 2020

        No two bloggers are the same. A blogging tip that works for one blogger may not work for the next. It’s important to take notes as you research blogging, create a plan and be willing to adjust your plans when something doesn’t work.

        Because if you’re anything like me, you will run into snags on your blogging journey. It’s all part of the plan that leads you to your success story!

        How about you? What blogging tips have helped you succeed (or brought you one step closer to your goals)? Let us know in the comments!


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        Great tips Trinity! Thanks for the mention!

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        Thanks for the tips Trinity and for including mine! Some great advice here, including the tip about linking old posts to new ones asap that I am about to go do!