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increase blog incomeI hate to be so harsh, but has anyone told you that your blog writing format sucks?

No, no, no, I’m not talking about your content. Your writing skills are superb and your knowledge of the subject matter is impeccable.

I’m strictly referring to the layout or format of each blog post (ok and maybe your content purpose – just a little).

Here’s the truth about blogging. If you’re not answering a question or solving a problem, and structuring your blog format to show this, then your blog is not going to be successful.

Believe me, I hope you’re not included in this bold statement of mine. But if you are, wipe the dust off your knees and let’s get your blog writing format back on track!

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How to Format Your Blog Posts

It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in the importance of a reader-focused writing style. A writer focused style is not frowned upon; it’s just not lucrative.

Introduce a Problem > Introduce the solution > Provide examples > Close the sale

So if you’re struggling to gain loyal readers, then keep reading!

I am going to tell you exactly how a proper blog writing format will fix your problem.

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How to Write A Blog

Now let’s dive into the perfect blog writing format. Use these 4 sections or elements as your blog format template. This is how to write a blog that converts!

1. Introduce a problem

Whether you are writing a list of “reasons”, “ways to” or “hacks”, you can always use these formats to solve your reader’s problem.

What “reasons” are so important that they are worth reading? What “ways” can you improve a reader’s struggles? What “hacks” will make your reader’s life easier?

Your blog writing format does not need to be bleak or even technical to address a problem. It simply needs to solve your reader’s query.

Let’s use the example: 4 Ways to Improve Your Writing.

By offering ways to improve, you are suggesting that a problem exists.

Those struggling to grow an audience should consider ways to improve his/her writing.

You are pitching the problem first to peak your visitors’ interest and to identify the question that led them to your blog post in the first place.

2. Introduce a solution

Introducing a problem is only half of the battle to convince your audience they need to read what you have to say.

You now need to tell them you have a solution and that it is exactly what they need to improve their writing.

This blog writing format depends on this initial solution pitch, so keep it relevant and intriguing. What will they get from reading further? Do they want to improve their writing? If so, the will definitely want to continue reading.

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3. Explain why your solution works. Give examples.

You’ve introduced the problem; you’ve promised that you have the solution, so now it’s time to dive into the details.

This is the point in your content where you’ve got to know your stuff.

Learn how this blogger’s income exploded by making blog structure and strategy changes.

Explain to your readers why your solution will work for them.

You can use this section in your blog writing format to list tools, examples, or reasons to do as you suggest.

Because this section is the “meat” of your blog post, keep it easy to read and quick to skim for those who are in a hurry.

Some readers will only want to glean your broad blogging tips and apply them from there while others will read every word. So make them count!

This is your chance to provide value and lead your reader to the sale’s funnel.

4. Close your sale

First let’s define “sales” in the blogging world.

A sale can be anything from gaining an email subscriber to selling a copy of your very own digital product.

Ad views, service contracts, affiliate sales and product sales are the four blogging moneymakers. Don’t forget that email subscribers, video views and freebie referrals also lead to future sales.

No matter what blog writing format you choose, include at least one of the mentioned “sales.”

Your reader knows his/her problem is a real thing, and you’ve provided the solution. But will you be able to close the deal once and for all?

Now that you know how to format your blog posts, ask yourself, what you will you sell your readers without taking away from the value of the post?

Forbes busts the myths of affiliate marketing naysayers once and for all.

How are your affiliate sales fairing? If you perfect your blog writing format but fail to meet your income goals, then something needs to give.

If you invest in your future, you could soon go from a full time secretary to a stay-at-home blogger.

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Get your blog writing format back on track

There are so many blog writing styles, and that is perfectly fine. You can still maintain your own writing style while implementing the general format discussed. Once you know how to write a blog, you can become a successful blogger.

Now think back to your current writing habits. How does your blog writing format look right now? Are there a few blogs that could use some adjustments from a writer focus to a reader focus? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Vikky Nix
2 years ago

Hello, Trinity. I agree with you. The structure of a blog article matters. Most bloggers fails to give importance on how they structure their article. In the initial days when I tried to write an article I didn’t gave much importance to the content structure. Later I figured out that it matters. With a well structured content it becomes easier for people to get the gist. A good introduction helps them get to know what the whole article will be about and then offering how the solution can add value to their day to day life makes it much easier… Read more »