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It is important to get backlinks to your blog in order to increase your site’s authority in search engines’ eyes. Backlinks are great for SEO! But is blog commenting for backlinks still a thing or is it dead?

I’m just going to cut to the chase and tell you that blog commenting is still a way to get backlinks. It is definitely different but it is not dead.

But wait!

Don’t hurry off to start commenting on blogs just yet! I have important blog commenting tips and instructions on how to do blog commenting in SEO. If you do it wrong, you’ll be wasting your valuable time.

I could spend all day talking about how to get backlinks: guest blogging, in-depth SEO strategies, buying them (don’t do this!), asking other bloggers, some of which are extremely important strategies!

In this post, I will focus on the importance of interacting with other bloggers in the comments section of their blog. It’s a heck of a lot faster than crafting the perfect guest blog post every time you want to add to your valuable backlinks.

Blog Commenting For Backlinks Works

But back to the important task of commenting on other blogs. I know you’re probably thinking, “So Trinity, you mean to say that spending 20 minutes reading some awesome blog posts and posting a quick comment on each will get me valuable backlinks?” Believe it or not, the short answer is yes!

But (and there is a but) there are a few rules to follow before you start blog commenting just for the sake of building your backlinks. (Hint: you don’t comment on blogs posts just for the backlink).

blog commenting tips

How To Do Blog Commenting In SEO

So without further ado, let’s go over the dos and don’ts of blog commenting and talk about how to do blog commenting in SEO.

Don’t spam just to get backlinks

You should never have duplicate comments on two different blog posts, no matter how many comments you’ve submitted. Google is a crafty genius, and if it crawls your spammy comments that all say “Great post!” Or “Thank you for sharing this,” before you know it, you may as well be named “Spammy McSpamerson” for all the good your comments will do you.

While on the important topic of spamming, make sure to stick to 10 comments per day at the most. Leave enough time between each comment so that Google knows you are a human reading the posts and not a bot spamming them! Receiving backlinks daily can be simple, but it must be done right. In summary: You do not want to spam!

Many, if not all, blog post comment boxes will mark links with a nofollow tag. There are differing opinions on this subject, but Neil Patel, who is according to The Wall Street Journal “a top influencer on the web,” considers appropriately placed nofollow links to be valuable backlinks. He says,

By leaving helpful comments on those other industry blogs, you’ll definitely improve your search engine optimization and get more traffic to your site.

Nofollow links can certainly attract new, relevant and engaged readers to your blog. Patel says, “…it’s worth it to invest in nofollow links.”

Do provide meaningful comments

This is the absolute key to submitting comments on blog posts. It’s important that you actually read the blog post you’re commenting on. Not only will you learn something new every day, but you may even discover a new favorite blogger. Regardless of how busy I get, I still take the time to read the whole post before dropping my thoughts (and blog link!) in the comments. It’s also important that you post a meaningful comment that A) doesn’t shame the writer in any way (or they probably won’t approve it), and B) adds value to that blog.

I have discovered many great writers because of insightful comments that they left on various blog posts that I happened to enjoy. And I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has done this.

Don’t forget who your target audience is

It’s generally best to spend the majority of your time commenting on blog posts that are in your niche. Sticking to blogs that are in your area of expertise or interest means that you have the potential to reach new readers that would also love your content. But don’t take this suggestion too far. If your lifestyle blog’s target audience is 30-some-year-old moms and a crafty momma’s blog also targets the same audience, the difference in the niche will not be an issue.

Do comment on blogs that are in your niche

If you’re a traveling guru, submitting meaningful comments on other traveling blogs will show Google that you’re researching your niche and not just pulling your traveling tips out of a hat. Take notes when a post inspires your own writing, and make sure to link back to that blog post if you reference what you have learned! By being consistent with this, you may even find expert bloggers within your field that you could collaborate with in the future.

Courtesies When Blog Commenting

There are a few other points to consider when blog commenting. Avoid a self-promoting tone, and refrain from prompting readers to visit your blog (other than by leaving your link in the designated website field). Overall, stick to posting comments that you would like to see others leave on your blog posts.

If you'd love to start a blog but don't know where to start, check out this free step-by-step tutorial on how to start a money-making blog!

This post was inspired by Marie Beausoleil, owner and author of Just Plain Living.

Happy commenting!

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Kristen Wilkinson
2 years ago

Hi Trinity, this was a great article! Quick question, are all comments on blogs “no follow” and if so, how is that helpful as a backlink?

vinod kumar
vinod kumar
2 years ago

Hi, this is a very good Article. I am so happy read this post. Thanks and keep updating!

2 years ago

Hi Trinity thanks for sharing the article. Any kind of backlink whether it is no follow or do follow are helpful. But the blog comments must be done manually. Yes, blog commenting gives you no follow backlinks, but most importantly it gives you a chance to interact with other bloggers.

Asif Qamar
Asif Qamar
1 year ago

Nice post.
Thank you for sharing a informative information with us.

1 year ago

Thanks for the great article. I had been wondering if people still comment on posts as I don’t see a lot of comments anymore. I had been hesitant to leave comments but I will start. Thanks!

10 months ago

Such an informative post… totally new to all of this. Thanks for sharing!

Mohammed Shaik
Mohammed Shaik
9 months ago

Hi Trinity, well said about Back links, as we all know that backlinks plays an important role in SEO optimization, through which Google also takes into consideration. Thanks.

9 months ago

It is a difficult subject, mainly because people are impatient! We all want things to happen quickly and some people will fall prey to cheap link building and comment spammers. Unfortunately this will catch up with them in the end and damage them, yes it takes time and yes it takes some effort but when you see your hard work paying off in your DA, PR and rankings improve then it is definitely worth it and you will be saying I made that happen

Roslin Dwivedi
9 months ago

Hi Trinity, I found you just in time. I was looking for how to get backlinks to your site and I am glad to have found this blog. Great information.

6 months ago

Thank you for the useful article. For me, I found that commenting manually on other blogs works pretty well. Just a tip for new bloggers, you can also try guest posting on relevant blog sites. But please choose quality sites only, It really helps with SEO!

2 months ago

Hi Trinity,
Lovely post! I like how your post goes straight to the point, without any fluff. I think blog commenting is a good sign of engagement for any blog.
Thanks for the insight.