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It’s the weekend, hurray! But wait—you have no money and therefore no way to have much fun—boo. Perhaps you need a weekend job.

So what should you do? How about make money on the weekend with these easy, high paying weekend jobs.

You can choose a job online or near you, but ultimately, working on the weekend helps you earn more money, pass the time, and keeps you from spending money you don’t have.

7 High Paying Weekend Jobs

10 Ways to Make Money on the Weekend Online or Locally

You don’t need to spend your entire weekend working in order to make good money. These weekend only jobs could help you earn an extra $100 to $2,000+ per month, depending on how much time you want to put into them.

So without further ado, here are the best weekend jobs for extra money that you can start today. They are flexible,  good paying weekend jobs worth applying for.

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Best Online Weekend Jobs

woman working an online weekend job

If you have a laptop and access to the internet, you could make the most money for your time with an online weekend job.

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1. Proofread Documents

If you enjoy reading and light editing, you can put your skills to use in your spare time as a proofreader. It doesn’t require a degree to proofread documents on the weekends. You can join Caitlin Pyle’s free proofreading workshop to learn the basics and skills required to make money proofreading.

Test Your Proofreading Skills!

Is this the right job for you? Take the proofreading quiz now to find out if you have what it takes to become a proofreader!

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2. Transcribe Audio to Text

If you can find a quiet place for a few hours each weekend, consider picking up a part-time transcription job on the weekends. You’ll need basic typing skills for this job and even better listening skills. Companies can use your help typing the audio from conference calls, meetings, dialogues, and other audio recordings. You can even find transcription jobs in the legal or medical fields with a little extra training.

Janet Shaughnessy found that it’s possible to make a good side- or full-time income in transcription. The average income for a general transcriptionist is $45,000 or $60,000 for a legal transcriptionist. Her free ebook, The Truth About Transcription, dives into what it takes to become a successful transcriptionist.

3. Complete Online Surveys

If you prefer to relax on the weekends, then choose a job like completing free paid surveys. While the income is small, you can fill out surveys as you watch TV or visit with friends and family. Plus, there is potential to control your hourly income by signing up with multiple sites and choosing the highest paying opportunities. It doesn’t need to take up your entire weekend, and you can still enjoy some time doing the things you love.

You can sign up with Survey Junkie and start completing surveys as soon as you’d like. You can also try InboxDollars which offers more ways to earn money than just filling out surveys. They even give you a nice little $5 bonus for signing up!

4. Offer Online Services

You can skip the feel of an office job and instead pickup online weekend jobs offering virtual services to clients. If you’re not sure what kind of online services people pay for, you can write articles, manage social media accounts, create business logos and flyers, or offer customer support, just to name a few. Even if you don’t think you have special computer skills, that doesn’t mean you can’t find an online weekend job that’s right for you.

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5. Start a Blog

Starting a blog won’t earn you money overnight, but it will give you something profitable to do with your time over the weekends. Once you’ve established your new blog, which can take weeks to months (or more), you’ll find that you can spend less and less time on it while still earning a passive income. To start a blog, you can use a reliable free platform like WordPress and then host it online with Siteground (so others can visit it!) for less than the price of one specialty cup of coffee per month.

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6. Design Websites

Another weekend job you might enjoy is to design websites for clients. Businesses of all kinds need someone to help them create a website in order to showcase their products or services. There is no shortage of clients in this niche! If you have an eye for design and enjoy working with different online design tools, you might find website designing to be a great fit for you.

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Best Local Weekend Job Ideas

Woman working a local weekend job

Working online is not for everyone. You can also make money working a local weekend job in your area.

7. Shop for Your Neighbors

Some people despise shopping and will pay you to run errands for them on the weekends. If you don’t mind making a few trips to your local grocery stores, consider becoming an Instacart Shopper. Shoppers report an average hourly rate of $14.71 according to You can increase your earnings by shopping quicker, choosing close deliveries only, and earning tips.

8. Walk Dogs or Dog Sit

Many people want to take weekend vacations but can’t take their pets with them. If you list your local dog walking and dog sitting services on Rover, you can earn money on the weekends while helping people in your neighborhood. a weekend job like this beats the office any day since it allows you to enjoy the weather and spend time with fun pups. You’ll want to be comfortable with dogs before you start this type of weekend gig.

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9. Sell Things

There are tons of items you can sell to make extra money on the weekends.

Buy And Sell Electronics

A fun, profitable weekend job is to buy and sell electronics in your neighborhood. Use a service like Decluttr to estimate the profit on each item. Just before purchasing a smartphone, tablet, or Macbook in your area, get an instant price from Decluttr. Then, offer a lower price to the seller. That way you know exactly how much profit you’ll make on the transaction.

Decluttr pays for the shipping so that you don’t have to lose a penny of your quick investment. And if you don’t have any cash on hand to invest in your first few buys, then search your own home for old devices. Selling them to Decluttr could get you just enough startup funds to get a nice little weekend hustle going on the side.

Consign Local Stuff for your Neighbors

Similar to selling electronics for cash in your neighborhood, you could your weekend job and consign just about anything online. The nice thing about consigning is that you don’t need to pay people for the items you sell until they’re sold. Simply create a signup sheet for each of your consignors (people you sell stuff for), and give them a percentage of your earnings. Many sellers split the sale 50/50 with their consignors since they do all the work of listing the items.

You can sell the items locally on platforms like Facebook or Craiglist, or you can list them on Decluttr. The nice thing about Decluttr is that they provide a shipping label for the items you sell to them. For some items, they’ll give you an instant quote, and then pay you the next day after shipping it to them!

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10. Start a Weekend Consulting Business

There are hundreds of areas of expertise that could lead to a profitable consulting business. Many individuals and business owners look for help with interior design, organizing, business, marketing, and social media, for example. If you can pinpoint an area that you know (or you’re willing to learn) inside and out, consider offering consultation either locally or online.

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Bonus Tips: Pick up Overtime and Ask for a Raise

Another way to make money this weekend is to ask your boss for overtime hours. While you’re probably looking for ways to stay away from your everyday job, it’s still an option if you’re in a bind for extra cash. Let your employer know that you’re willing to work overtime, that way you can not only rake in the extra work hours but depending on your job, you should get time-and-a-half as well.

Lastly, don’t forget to request a raise if you’re due for one. Or if your position is underpaid, don’t be afraid to mention it. Perhaps a decent rise of pay at your day job will keep you from having to work a weekend job at all! It never hurts to ask, as long as you can approach the subject humbly and with proof of your diligence in the position.

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Your Part-Time Weekend Side Job Awaits

There you have it! A list of weekend jobs readily available for you to start today. Some of these weekend job ideas might take some time to earn a significant amount of money, while others are speedy and could pay off as soon as today. Use your time wisely this weekend and starting working in your spare time. It will help you both pay the bills and have a little extra money in your pocket to splurge on yourself.

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Weekend Jobs for Extra Money

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